Nokia 703 / Sea Ray specs leak?

Mister Blurry Cam is at it again. The picture above supposedly reveals the hardware specifications of the Nokia 703 (a model number that has popped update lately) which looks relatively similar to the Nokia Sea Ray. Interestingly there’s also a Nokia 800 device in the wild so it is yet unknown if both are the same or if one is EU bound only or if there’s any difference at all between the two.

Back to the blurry picture. There’s some disappointing things in there (if it turns out to be true…) first the camera is a step down from the Nokia N9′s groundbreaking 8Mpix Sensor. The Nokia 703 is said to have a 5Mpix camera (no word on the optics). It also apparently only feature 8Gb of on-board storage, a 3.7″ Clear Black AMOLED WVGA display. Once agin take this kind of stuff with a heavy pinch of salt. Check out my earlier Nokia SeaRay hardware specification guess here.

source: wmpu

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Nokia is just dead set on failing miserably. Nokia needs to hit it out of the park with their first WP devices. The design is great. But a 5MP camera, 3.7″ screen, and only 8GB of storage is just a massive fail. I hope their other two devices are far better, because if they aren’t, they might as well go ahead an sell out to Microsoft or some other company.
    Again, they needed their first phones to be a grand slam homerun. This isn’t.