Fujitsu IS12T Mango handset announced: Hardware Specifications, 32GB of Storage and 13.2MP camera

The Fujitsu IS12T Windows Phone handset running Mango has just been officially unveiled by KDDI during tonight event in Japan. The carrier and Manufacturer have already posted several hands on videos of the device demonstrating Mango on it. The only thing we know based on the press release is that the device will pack 32GB of internal Storage and a 13.2Mpix camera. Check them out and the press release after the break:

EDIT: The phone will come in three colors: Black, Lime and Pink (magenta, citrus, black). It has an MSM8655 SoC (no word on the clock speed), waterproof and dustproof design (IPX5/IPX8, IP5X), 13.2MP camera with face and scene detection, 32GB of internal storage, DLNA support and several pre-installed applications. The handset will be available in September at the earliest. Full Fujitsu IS12T hardware specifications after the break:

UPDATE: Watch the Fujitsu IS12T running underwater in this hands on video (@2:01):

Carrier au by KDDI
Manufacturer Toshiba Mobile Communications, Fujitsu
Color Magenta, citrus, black
OS Windows Phone 7.5
Weight Approximately 113g
Size (HWD) About 118mm × 59mm × 10.6mm about about (13.3 mm around thickest part).
Talk time Approximately 400 minutes
Continuous Standby Time Approximately 210 hours
Screen Size (resolution) Type 3.7 (WVGA 800 × 480 dots)
Camera Megapixel 1320, AF, LED high-intensity flash
CPU Qualcomm MSM8655
Memory (RAM / ROM) 512MB/32GB (internal)
External memory slot -
Dustproof / waterproof IPX5/IPX8, IP5X
Communication network CDMA2000 1 × EV-DO Rev.A (Multi Carrier)
Global roaming ? (GSM / CDMA)
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
FM Yes
Touchscreen Electrostatic multi-touch, anti-fingerprint coat
External Interface microUSB (USB2.0HS), ? 3.5mm earphone jack, DLNA

Corporation KDDI (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Takashi Tanaka) and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company (NASDAQ: Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, President: Hiroshi Kitagawa) since September 2011, Microsoft Co. Ltd., Japan (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO Yasuyuki Higuchi, following Microsoft) OS for smartphones offered by “Windows Phone 7.5″ with, Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications Corporation (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President Nobuo Otani), manufactured by “Windows Phone IS12T” to the market.

“Windows Phone IS12T” is a smartphone with Windows Phone 7.5 against water and dust for the first time in Japan. Smartphone and usability in addition to traditional light set apart, with a megapixel camera’s highest 1320 smartphone, and also 32GB internal memory, and finished in a compact feel with rich specifications adopted. View and edit Microsoft Office documents and more, of course, can share data stored in the cloud service operated by Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive Free. It is also an attractive smartphone with such expressive power of the Internet browser technology latest version of Internet Explorer ® 9 and PC-rich applications.

Rates are available packet flat-rate plan for smartphones and traditional rate plan.

“Windows Phone IS12T” is, KDDI Designing Studio (Harajuku) au NAGOYA and (Nagoya) at, July 28, 2011 (Thursday) to start the display from.

Press release here. And Specification here. Official Phone presentation site here. Thanks for all the tips guys!

  • Anonymous

    13.2 megapixel camera + 32GB storage.
    Bring it on.

  • Anonymous
  • Ian Guider

    Isn’t multi-carrier EVDO considered Rev B?

  • MobileTechWorld

    the MSM8655 normally supports the following bands: GSM (GPRS, EDGE), W-CDMA/UMTS (HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+), MBMS, CDMA2000 (1xRTT, 1xEV-DO Rel.0/Rev.A/Rev.B) But then it may depend on the OEM/carrier implemetation.

  • T D

    How are they supporting 13.2MP when the Qualcomm CPU doesn’t support more than 12?

  • MobileTechWorld

    That’s a really good question because the MSM8X55 only supports camera sensors up to 12MP. Fujitsu is either using its own silicon for the imaging process (which I doubt) or there’s some kind of image interpolation going on which means that the actually image you get isn’t a “real” 13.2MP photo.

  • Ian Guider

    Oh, thats cool. Never read about native support for Rev. B, kinda figures because Qualcomm made it. Lol. Quick question of opinion if you don’t mind, Do you think that any US carrier(Sprint or Verizon) would upgrade to EVDO Rev. B? (It sparked to me of a possibility because Sprint stated they’re going to increase capacity on the 800/1900mhz)

  • EyEwearGlasSeS

    LOL, my focus only has 8GB of storage. Time for an upgrade.

  • MobileTechWorld

    I must admit that being located in EU I’m not really aware of US carriers plans. From what I’m seeing in all the coverage lately LTE seems to be the main focus (at least for Verizon). Support for Rev.B made depend on how fast the carriers are able to move to LTE I guess (like I said I don’t really have a clue here but I don’t see why they wouldn’t enable it). Qualcomm is also going to introduces tons of LTE multi-modems next year as seen in the internal roadmap PDF posted a few weeks ago before getting my ass wooped by their legal department…

  • Anonymous

    No front facing camera, only 512MB of RAM, and no dual core processor, means this is another failed effort by a WP7 OEM. If Microsoft doesn’t get off their ass and get WP7 support and specs up to where Android is, they might as well take their bat and ball and go home.

    WP7 may run butter smooth on lesser hardware, but how many consumers are going to buy a WP7 device with last years specs. It’s a waste of time, and if Microsoft can’t see this, then they deserve to burn.

  • Ian Guider

    You sound smart. The way WP is set up a dual core isn’t needed and isn’t even supported. My HD7 with a 1st gen snapdragon doesn’t even bog down on the Mango Beta. The OS doesn’t actually have more than one app fully running at once, so two cores isn’t neccessary. Sure 512mb isn’t as much as 1gb, but some new tegra2 phones are packed with that much. Specs aren’t everything, WP is about experience. Heck, why doesn’t the Nokia N9 have a dual-core, and why are their Symbians still on ARM11!?

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Let me ask you a question. Where are Symbian and Meego at this point in time? Answer? Dead in the water. Symbian’s market share is falling off of a cliff. Meego is DOA. That ought to tell you all you need to know.

    As for WP7, nowhere did I suggest that the OS needed these specs to run smoothly. In fact, I clearly stated that it runs butter smooth on lesser hardware. But the OS is 2 years late and trying to compete with two entrenched competitors. You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Consumers do care about specs, and WP7 is already behind the 8 ball due to a lack of recognition. At least put the platform on equal footing when it comes to specs. Again, consumers do look at specs.

    WP7 needs these things to compete, not to run smoothly. WP7 needs every advantage and plus to survive and be a successful platform. Releasing dated, old hardware is not going to cut it, regardless of whether the OS needs it or not. Besides, things like third party apps and games would benefit greatly from dual core processors and more RAM. You didn’t even talk about the lack of a FFC. With the Skype purchase, you’d think that would be a priority for Microsoft.

    Think about this. Android will be on quad core processors, with 2GB of RAM, and 720p screen resolutions, while WP7 is still stuck on single core, 512MB of RAM, wVGA resolution, and no FFC.  Do you honestly think that’s a recipe for success?

  • TroyGates

    Why do you need a quad core processor in your phone? Oh because its Android and it needs those specs to be somewhat lag free, yet only have a battery life of 3-4 hours. You are wrong about consumers looking at specs. When someone (non-geek) walks in to a phone store they are there to buy a phone that has the look and feel they want plus features they want (not specs). Features like the FFC and screen quality I agree but not RAM or CPU. 

  • Ian Guider

    The fact that the Skype purchase wasn’t final until a few weeks ago, I’m not surprised it didn’t hit mango. There’ll be another update in the spring. And seriously why does a phone need a quad core? What’s one advantage it’ll have? Id rather have a high clocked single core. I haven’t even gotten a quad core for my PC just yet(I’m about to). And for the comparison, Android has to bring a bazooka to a knife fight.

  • Anonymous

    I like the 32MB of storage.  Now that Zune players may be history, this may be a viable alternative to going back to the iPod or some other portable player.  Larger storage capacity is a must if MS is planing on rolling Zune into WP.