Bing Maps Indoor Map in Windows Phone 7 Mango Video demo

I finally stumbled upon an indoor maps while on Windows Phone Mango while playing around with Bing Maps and shot a short video to show you how it works. Indoor Maps are exactly this: Maps of indoor locations, mainly malls and other shopping locations (only in the US). As you will see in the video below the indoor map is overlaid on top of the base map and shows all the businesses and shops located in the mall. You can choose to tap on a particular shop or just hit the directory view which is essentially a list of all the businesses/shops sorted alphabetically.

The second feature you’ll see me demonstrate in the video is the events listing info that show up when you are looking at a concert hall or other venues like stadiums etc. It allows you to see all the upcoming scheduled event and even book your tickets.

  • Viruela22

    Mango is almost perfect and this in beta yet,
    paste you thousand kicks to the other OS