Windows Phone 7 Mango Games Hub detailed

The Windows Phone team has just posted a new blog post today detailing the new Games hub found in windows Phone 7 Mango. There shouldn’t be anything you haven’t heard of before but it’s a good read just in case you didn’t really pay attention to this particular part of the new OS. The new improvements and addition make the hub more consistent with the overall Mango experience and integrate most of the features that where previously only available via the Xbox Live Extras application:

- Improved Collection view
- New 3D Avatar
- Connect with Xbox LIVE friends
- Improved game request notifications
- Improved Spotlight content
- Improved Xbox LIVE messaging
- Edit your profile
- Improved Spotlight Content

source: Microsoft

  • Craig Barnes

    looks alot better, i look forward to it. now all it needs is a chameleon tile, so its not the only green tile on my home screen.