Turn-by-Turn voice guided Navigation and Outdoor Navigation for Windows Phone 7

Some of you may already be familiar with the super nice Outdoor Navigation application for Windows Phone 7 developed by GPSTuner but what you may not know is that the same developers have also recently released a Voice-Guided Turn-by-Turn navigation application for Windows Phone 7. To put it simply: Both applications are just awesome and are some of the best mobile apps I have used.

Outdoor Navigation is packed with features which I can’t enumerate right here but just to give you an example: the app gives access to maps from Bing, Google Maps, Ovi Maps, OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, OpenHikingMap, OpenPisteMap, OpenSeaMap, Yahoo Maps etc and all can be downloaded directly on the handset for offline usage. Users have the ability to create trips, record routes , draw on the maps, create POIs, backup their routes and tracks on DropBox and have all the users geolocated photos shown on the maps etc. Best of all: the app’s performance is top notch. Get it here (full version is $4.99). (official site is here)

Turn-By-Turn Navigation currently has less features but works like a charm. Voice guidance for car and pedestrian trips is especially good. This feature will soon be natively implemented into Windows Phone 7 Mango but i you can’t wait just grad this application right now. The upcoming update will allow you to download the maps on to your handset for offline usage UPDATE June 27: The V1.1 verios is now available. Get it here (full version is $4.99).

- Voice-Guided turn by turn Navigation with premium audio quality
- Automatic Map rotation according to your heading
- POI and address search
- Add POI-s or locations to Favorites
- Route calculation based on Time or Distance using Traffic information
- Bing Road and Hybrid Maps
- Supporting Portrait and Landscape mode
- Automatic re-routing if you miss a turn
- Speed dependent Volume control
- Driving and Walking directions
- US and Metric units are supported

Coming in v1.1:

- Avoid Highways and Toll Roads
- Map Download
- Quick search POIs around your planned route

  • Highwayman-Ed

    Not available in Australia :(

  • Highwayman-Ed

    Scratch that, Zune won’t let you download in Australia, but you can download it direct to the device fine!