Super Monkey Ball for Windows Phone 7 released

This week’s Xbox Live game for Windows Phone 7 is Sega’s Super Monkey Ball. The game is unfortunately priced at $4.99 and when you consider that it was the first 3D game released on the iPhone 3 years ago (ans is now priced at $1.99) this can be a tiny bit much. Take Max & the Magic Marker for example: The game was initially a Windows Pone 7 exclusive game but has since been released on iOS (a few days ago) for only $1.99 while it is still priced at $4.99 on WP7. Anyway, don’t hesitate to download the trial version of Super Monkey Ball and try it out yourself. I personally find the controls to be a bit tricky (on the Omnia 7, don’t know if it’s the same on other WP7 devices.