Microsoft Research shows Windows Phone 7 some love at TechForum event

Microsoft Research had its TechForum event yesterday where it showcased some of it’s latest projects to the press. Windows Phone 7 happily took the center stage this year in several demonstrations. In the first video after the break you will see Microsoft Chief Research and Technology Officer, Craig Mundie, demonstrated a new UI controlled by an HTC HD7. This may or may not be what we can expect to see in the upcoming Windows 8 but it definitely shows us where Microsoft is heading with regards to UI and NUIs.

New UI controled by HTC HD7 (via TechFlash)

This second showreel video will give you a glimpse at some HTC HD7 -> Surface 2 interaction and also and Image Based 3D viewing client running on Windows Phone 7 (essentially a seamless PhotoSynth viewing presentation without the distinctive jump between each image).

  • man1up

    Wow. I can’t wait for this to come out. For school I have my schedule on my hTc Touch Pro 2. I would love to have it sync with appointments with teachers, or weather delays (live in MN.) Plans with family for picking them up at Airport, vacations etc. Microsoft is definately going to be around a long time, and I love that my next Windows Phone device will be part of the big technological changes happening this year and moving forward!

  • Izaak

    Nooooooooooo He Mentioned KIN, HE JUST KILLED WINDOWS 8!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The drum machine and the clap-track almost made me vomit.

  • EJ