Super AMOLED vs Super AMOLED Plus

Here’s a small non-scientific comparison of the new Super AMOLED Plusdisplay found on the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S II versus the regular Super AMOLED found on the Samsung Galaxy Sand Samsung Omnia 7. I unfortunately can’t upload the full resolution images where the difference between two is more clearly visible because my server bandwidth would take a serious hit so I re-sized them a bit and did some cropping. Check them out after the break:

Galaxy S vs the Galaxy S II (click on the images to zoom in):

Croped image of the Super AMOLED:

Croped image of the Super AMOLED plus:

More resized shots of the Super AMOLED Plus:

Like I said the difference is clearly more visible in real life and in the full pictures pictures. But just to give you an idea, image the sub-pixel density of a regular RGB LCD panel with the color contrast, super wide color gamut and 0.01ms response time of the Super AMOLED. Samsung is now called this Real-Stripe but what we have here is just a regular RGB supb-pixel alignement. The nasty color banding produced but the current Super AMOLED tech should now be gone on this new panel (and makes be believe that Microsoft probably won’t make the effort to correct this issue now in Windows Phone 7).

  • Diego!

    Samsung Galaxy S II looks amazing!!!

    I want one now! :)

  • Ahmed Salem

    One thing all people are sure about now, the amazing screen is a very good “pro” in the Samsung new phones!