Super AMOLED vs LCD on the Samsung Omnia 7 and LG Optimus 7

Here’s short video update to my previous post about the color banding issue on Super AMOLED screens. Nothing really new here but I just wanted to show you how it looks like in “motion” just in case somebody thought that I doctored the pictures I posted two days ago. The issue here is the RGBG (Red Green Blue Green) PenTile Sub-Pixel arrangement coupled with the insanely high contrast on the Samsung Super-AMOLED panel. To be perfectly clear: according to Samsung’s specs the Super-AMOLED screens are 24bit panels (don’t know about the RGB TFT LCD on the LG but I guess that’s it’s just a 18bit panel that does 24bit with dithering) but I don’t know if Windows Phone 7is being rendered in 16bit or 32bit. If it’s the former, then moving to 32bit could partially fix the problem but Samsung can also do some adjustments to diminish the issue too. video after the break:

UPDATE: I’ve posted a second video comparing the Omnia 7 vs the Optimus 7 and HTC 7 Trophy so don’t forget to check it out.

The Super AMOLED panel also has pixel Burn-in issues like plasmas. What you see in the image below is a residual trace of the IE URL bar (it goes away fairly quickly though):


  • BucksterMcgee

    Yep the exact same thing happens with my Samsung Focus (3rd one btw), and it’s really the only negative I have for the entire phone. I do hope it is a software issue that can be fixed or lessened in someway, as while I normally don’t see it, when it does pop up, it looks really bad…. which makes me sad. :(

    Microsoft or Samsung if you are seeing this, please fix it!

  • Joel

    You are showing what appears to be a problem with the SW on the Samsung phone running in 5-6-5 color mode rather than 24 bit color (8-8-8). This is not intrinsic to either OLED or PenTile, but is a SW issue.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Can you elaborate more on that? Because so far every PenTile equipped device on the market has exhibited this problem :Nexus One/Desire/Incredible, Galaxy S etc.. on Android a now now the Omnia 7 and Focus on WP7.

  • Joel

    Yes, with the Nexus One you could see the same problem, but it would switch in and out of 5-6-5 according to what you were doing with the phone. The Gallery App definitely ran in 5-6-5, but in some apps just touching the touchpanel would temporarily cause it to switch from 8-8-8 to 5-6-5 and then back. The display module must be 24-bit or it could switch in and out of this mode. Considering that this happens, it is clearly not a display problem, but a function of the application. Apparently there was a reason for doing so in these phones to optimize other performance, but at the expense of quantization errors on some applications.

  • Loc N

    Wow windows phone 7 has too many problems. I never see this on Samsung Galaxy S.