Windows Phone 7 Trial applications update issue not guaranteed to be fixed in upcoming update

Another annoying issue that has plagued Windows Phone 7 since its release is the impossibility to update trial applications or even buy them without having to uninstall them and then re-download them. Microsoft is now actively working on a fix but has only been doing so fairly recently even though this problem has be reported to them way back in October. Given how long it takes to get an update finalized it’s safe to assume that it won’t be part of the NoDo version coming out this month.

Microsoft replicates the bug on January 28:

I have an update on this issue.

There are two other Trial App update related issues of which I was previously unaware. These issues also apply to the situation where a user has choosen to install an application for “trial” and an update to the application is published sometime after installation; however, these issues are not specific to applications which add a Trial feature in the update.

The symptoms are similar to the previous issue I described:

* Marketplace shows an update is available but the update fails to apply. (Marketplace still shows update available.)
* Attempts to purchase the application fail.

A fix for these issues is planned for an upcoming client update.

On February 7th:

Q: Will the upcoming update fix the cannot-update-Trial-Apps problems?
A: That is the plan as I understand it; however, I cannot guarantee a given fix will be in a particular update until the bits are actually released.

There’s still a slim chance that it will be part of NoDo if it’s indeed not coming out in time for MWC.

source: Microsoft Forums

  • Brian Washington

    I didn’t realize that was a problem. In my experience I download the trial and then if I want to buy the app I just the menu option in the app. Then I simply tapped on the stars (ratings) in the app store and from their I was given the option to buy the app.

  • Brian Washington

    Never mind I just re-read the rest of the artical

  • Gust3

    There are too many problems with the software. This is one in a million. I guess you really have to wait longer, maybe a whole year for them to fix all the problems.