Windows Phone 7 off to a really bad start in the US

Crappy marketing equals crappy sales. There’s no way around this and today’s NPD report should give you an insight on why Microsoft doesn’t want to report phone activation numbers and only talks about license sales: Windows Phone 7 entered the market with a lower share than either Android or WebOS at their debuts and has been outsold by Windows Mobile 6.X devices in Q4 2010. Now that’s not really good at all. Windows Phone 7 is credited with only 2% of the US smartphone share while Android (which I admit is a relatively mature platform now) is at 53% and has even surpassed Symbian worldwide.

It is time for Microsoft to wake up, drop the lame ad campaign for a new one and really promote the heck out of Windows Phone 7 alongside the release of the first OS updates. Update: I’m not predicting the death of WP7 at all here, mainly because Microsoft isn’t going to let this happen. They are in it for the long haul but are definitely not doing a good job right now IMO.

source: SFGate and Reuters

  • Viruela22

    windows phone 7 launched in Nov so these numbers are for 50 days and not 90 days like others… so i think Microsoft did a bit well too.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Well, IMO the really worrying metric here is that WP7 did worst than Android and WebOs who launched with only one phone on one carrier. MS’s marketing is lame as hell..

  • Viruela22

    “Windows Phone 7 devices appeared too late in the quarter to take full advantage of holiday season purchasing. As a result, Microsoft lost share in the United States, from 8% in Q4 2009 to 5% in Q4 2010″
    .This report

  • Vuruela22

    EY if in 50 days received 2% in the 90 days that it is measured as the other s.o would be 4% easily, bad

  • Viruela22

    EY if in 50 days received 2% in the 90 days that it is measured as the other s.o would be 4% easily,not bad

  • MobileTechWorld

    Remember that’s 5 phone models (well more like 4 because of the Venue Pro delay) on 2 carriers and plenty of BOGO offers (and Phone= 1c amazon offers) plus a multi-million dollars marketing campaign. The fact that MS doesn’t want to communicate activation numbers is quite telling IMO. WP7 is a great product (!) but MS just sucks at support and marketing.

  • Michael Sanchez

    Considering the competition, that is great start. And 2% now is more in volume sales than when the pre or android was released. Smartphone sales are leaps and bounds higher now.

  • Guest

    “and has been outsold by Windows Mobile 6.X devices in Q4 2010″

    I bet to differ, the report does not state this. The report is talking about market share, not sales. Nobody is going to expect a 2 month old market share for Windows Phone 7 to equal Windows Mobile when it has been around for many, many years!

  • Peg Bettano

    MS marketing ? what they should have done was really showed off the OS rather than folks falling down. there add campaign was awful such a shame too because the metro UI is so smooth.

  • TroyGates

    The problem with comparing WP7 with he others is that there were no good smartphones when they were released. So people were not locked into contracts and were using dumb phones so they were free to move to a new smartphone. A lot of people had an iPhone or android already when WP7 was launched and they were probably already in a contract. Give WP7 a year and see how many people move when they are out of contract.

  • Diego!

    I think they should release it already worlwide… I mean, I live in Argentina, SouthAmerica, and there is no sign at all when WP7 will launch in my country, what’s worst, neither in LatinAmerica. The only Spanish spoken country in this continent which has seen WP7 release is Mexico. Congrats to them.
    I got tired of waiting, so I made up my mind and went straight to Android. I’m really enjoying my Samsung Galaxy S.
    It’s great and fast and I love it. :)

  • Anonymous

    This is why the sales are so poor. Argentina should had been on the list with the rest of South America. Whoever is running the operation is like the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, winning is that important like the Lakers you have a team is enough. Get someone who will kick ass and get this fantastic os out in the marketplace and compete with Apple and Google, run over Blackberry.

  • Chairman Meow

    The Win7 UI is just so ugly and not customizable, What are they thinking? Destine to fail.