Microsoft OneNote for iPhone released

In a relatively surprising move Microsoft has just announced the release of OneNote for iPhone and iPod Touch today (free for a limited time and only in the US). One has to wonder if the company is run my sane people or not. Just in case you didn’t know yet, OneNote is one of the key selling feature of Windows Phone 7 (part oft he Office Hub) and lets users create OneNote notebooks which can include text,voice or images and be directly synced to their SkyDrive cloud storage (or shares via mail). Well, there’s no need to have a Windows Phone 7 device to experience this because this is what today’s iPhone version does too. This is obviously Microsoft’s way to compete against highly successful applications like Evernote and other note taking apps out there  but this new iPhone version seems to be more feature rich than the WP7 version too. So let me recapitulate the whole situation here: The iPhone Bing application is miles ahead of the current Bing  and Bing Maps implementation in Windows Phone 7, the official Messenger client on the iPhone is also miles ahead of the not so official and abyssal Messenger client available on WP7 and now OneNote is out on IOS to. Office Mobile for the iPhone is the next step I guess.

With OneNote Mobile, you can:
- Create flexible notes that can include text, pictures, bullets, and checkboxes
- Check To Do items off on the go
- Save time with quick access to your most recent notes
- Work with confidence—OneNote Mobile automatically syncs your notes with Windows Live in the background
- Organize your notes into sections or create new notebooks using OneNote 2010 or OneNote Web App and access them from your iPhone

Microsoft better have some big announcements and good answers at next month’s MWC or else the PR backslash is going to be hard. I don’t expect them to stop doing this (releasing iPhone and Android applications) and frankly they shouldn’t because it’s a good thing but can’t they do this only after their own product (WP7) has the same features implemented? It was understandable last year, because Windows Mobile 6.5 was as good as dead but now that they have a brand new and competitive platform….come on..this is all kinds of ridiculous IMO. The iOS application is available now on iTunes: OneNote Mobile for iPhone

source: Microsoft via All About Microsoft

  • Ef Jay

    Can you do a comparison of the iphone version vs the Wp7 version? I bet the iphone version works much better than the WP7 one, seamlessly connecting to skydrive and has much more functionality.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Hi Ef Jay,

    Wish I could but I no longer have an iPhone :-( (only Android and WP7 device right now). But I’ll try it out as soon as I come across one (prolly tomorrow).

  • Ef Jay

    Thanks. One wonders if the iphone will have better overall skydrive integration than WP7, in light of what was gleaned from the skydrive team at CES its entirely possible…

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup that’s why I’m hoping to learn more about all this next month during MWC. Fingers crossed.

  • wetworker

    This is totally wack!!!

  • argenys

    Maybe i’m crazy, but the more I think about it the more I think that Microsoft will have at least 1 big surprise at MWC.

  • MobileTechWorld

    No need to be disappointed about the lack of WP7 info at CES. I tried to make it clear here in the past few months/weeks that nothing important was going to be announced or pushed before MWC. It’s just that some sites/persons love to start up rumors to get traffic and hits. People then get pissed off because what they thought was the truth, never materialized.
    One thing I agree with is that Microsoft will have to really accelerate the update release for WP7 in the coming months and announces a full road-map soon. Unfortunately for MS they can’t update Bing and Bing Maps in WP7 without pushing a full OS update (both services are an integral part of the OS) unlike Android where Google Maps/search etc are just applications than get be installed/un-installed independently from the OS., same for the iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never been more disappointed in Microsoft than I’m at this point in time, actually, I’ve been spitting mad since CES. I’ve had to put with Andriod dominating everything, from smartphones to tablets and what did Microsoft bring to the party?, nada. Yeah, they will be porting Windows to ARM, great, but that will be in a couple of years time when we get Windows 8. In the meantime, Apple & Google would’ve ran away the with another segment of the market with the iPad, Xooms and Galaxy Tabs like they’ve done with mobile. What the hell is wrong with these people? It has been exactly one year since last year’s CES and nine months since the iPad came to market and yet there is still no viable alternative from Micrososft. As a Microsoft fan, this is very depressing, no more so in the last few months as the iPhone continues to get more funtionality than WP7 as regards to Bing, Bing Maps, Live Messenger and now OneNote. This is not the PC market, so if Microsoft wants to play the mobile game to they need to update WP7 in rapid fashion. There had better be a compelling for update for my Omnia 7 in the February update that brings it up to par at least with the iphone as regards to Bing, Bing Maps and Live Messenger or I’ll be getting the iPhone 5 come June

  • Peg Bettano

    Call me nuts but they knew this out of the gate so why didn’t they design bing to work as nice as it does on an iphone oh wait. never mind update coming soon. sigh. starting to think i made a big mistake getting this.

  • Anonymous

    MWC starts on l4 Feb – 17 Feb and that less than a month away and I hope that the news will blow everyones mind and get WP7 front and center. Got to get a leader who’s pushing and pushing and pushing.