Windows Phone 7 application for Windows Home Server unveiled

Microsoft’ has just unveiled an new Windows Home Server companion application for Windows Phone 7 that should be available in the coming weeks. The app will work with the soon to be released Vail build of Windows Home Serve and uses its Remote Web feature to let user  remotely access multi-media content hosted on the server directly from their Windows Phone 7 handset. This basically means that Photos, Music and Videos can be streaming on the device from anywhere in the world (the phone will obviously have to be connected to a Data connection) and also upload pictures from the phone to the server directly from the device’s picture hub (similar to the current Facebook and Skydrive upload feature).

source: Microsoft thanks for the heads up Marcos

  • JJ Murphy

    Don’t you mean un”vail”ed! Come on, that’s quality comedy right there!

  • Anna K

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