Silverlight 5 announced: Features breakdown

Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie has just announced Silverlight 5 a few seconds ago during his Silverlight Firestarter keynote. Silverlight now support 100% GPU acceleration for video content.

 Microsoft has also introduced a new feature called trickplay that allows you to fast playback or slow playback a video or audio content (it’s simiilar to what you natively have in windows Media player). Silverlight also now support remote controls and has better power management.

 Silverlight 5 now also adds better data binding, custom markup extensions and implicit data templates and XAML breakpoint for better debugging:

 There’s also new text rendering enhancements:

Microsoft’s PivotViewer is now fully integrated into Silverlight 5.

New 3D APIs and GPU support:

Microsoft hasimplemented new profiling and testing tools:

And Finally Silverlight 5will have better IE9 support and is now 64bit compatible

Silverlight 5 will launch later in 2011 after the release of the beta in Q1 2011.

  • Diego!

    I wish WP7 had Silverlight support (in web-browsing I mean)… C’mon Microsoft!!! Hurry up! :)