Windows Phone 7 developers to receive their first payout in February 2011

This is kind of crazy…but unfortunately seems to be official so Microsoft must have a good reason right? Here’s the deal: Developers who are currently selling applications through the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will receive their first payout in February 2011. That’s right folks, 5 months after the initial release of WP7! What’s even more messed up is the current lack of analytics system to track the number of sales and applications downloads. Developers have to find a way to track all this info themselves via the use of stuff like PreEmptive’s framework or build their own tracking system into their app. Some developers are looking at their own server logs (if their apps connects through their server) to guesstimate the number of users using the application while others who have implemented ads are looking the number of impressions in hopes to know if their software is successful. The offical analitycs tools will only be availale in January 2011 (the Windows Mobile 6.X Marketplace already had this feature btw…).

Things are looking more a more rushed out and totally unprofessional IMO. Microsoft was on many developers back pressuring them to submit their applications before the launch just to get as much apps as possible in the Marketplace but apparently doesn’t seems to care much about the developers after all (or even the quality of the applications given the vast majority of shovel-ware currently in there). Quality over Quantity, right? Well it looks like the other way around now. 

BTW: I’ve sent the W-8 IRS form more than 4 months (!) ago but :

source: Microsoft, Microsoft

  • Anonymous

    I’m exactly in the same situation. My W8-form’s fate is unknown.
    Also the money earned from the wm marketplace are not mentioned anywhere on the new dashboard

  • Guest

    So um, how/why is this news? This information was known and provided to developers in the beginning and reported widely through the blogosphere on Oct 4, 2010.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes I posted about it on Oct 4th here:
    But I guess that didn’t really pay much attention to to this particular sentence: “And perhaps most importantly, developers can expect the first payout of sales to date to take place in February” and based on all the developer comments inthe official forums (and mails I have received) the vast majority didn’t see it either. Microsoft did really poor job communicating this info.
    Also not that it also says “Shortly after new Windows Phones become broadly available, Marketplace will begin providing developers with individual insights on their app’s performance within Marketplace. ”
    And this turned out to be false….unless “shortly” means “4 full months after the launch of the Marketplace” because this is when the analitycs tools are supposed to be put in place in the Marketplace….

  • Paola Sandrinelli

    This is no news, though, I think it is a shame.
    I’ve been considering to look into WP7 as it seemed the first decent thing MS has done in a while and I wanted to give it a go.

    I think for every professional developer deciding to “take on” a new platform is an important decision.
    Trust and faith in the future of the platform are essential as well as the way the developer is treated.