Google's Eric Schmidt shows off the Nexus S. Gingerbread coming in the next few weeks

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt who took the stage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Fransisco a few minutes ago showed off the Google Nexus S android handset build by Samsung and based on the Galaxy S chassis. Schmidt also announced that the Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread version of the mobile OS will be available in the next weeks and will include the support for NFC chips (near-field-communications to read RFID tags). NFC supportcan only be available if the hardware supports it so it will be interesting to see which handset currently on the market has this hidden feature in it or if the Nexus S will be the only device to support it at launch. The bad news here is that the much needed UI update (with GPU acceleration) doesn’t seem to be part of this OS version and will will have to wait until Honeycomb aka Android 3.0 to see it.

source: WEB 2.0 Summit photos engadget

  • Anonymous

    Hey M, I love your work here, but your bias is showing a little bit in this article. Just explain to me why android needs an UI update? GPU acceleration is also hardly needed, when this phone will run stock android and have an upgraded hummingbird. I’ve decided after the letdown of the WP7 launch devices I’m gonna buy this phone, because of the awesome hardware and just like WP7 direct updates.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Hi Jules,

    Yeah I’m biased towards logical decisions and the fact that Android’s UI (and browser) isn’t GPU accelerated is totally illogical to me. When I said new UI I wasn’t talking about re-doing everything from scratch but mainly about making it fully GPU accelerate via OpenGL ES. I mean, even TouchFlo3D/Sense on WinMo (since the original HTC Touch Diamond) is OGL ES and running on the GPU. Same for the iPhone’s UI, WebOS and now WP7 (Direct3D). I’m planning on shooting several Android vs WP7 videos but I’m now hesitating to do so because of the poor scrolling performance of the Galaxy S with Foryo. It’s embarrassing (it worked better in 2.1! wtf?) and will make it look like I’m dissing Android. This pisses me off because, on paper, the Galaxy S is a lot more powerful than the Omnia 7 (and all the other WP7 devices) but simple things like scrolling through menus, zooming feel like using a WM6.X device. Google can easily fixes this IMO.