Windows Phone 7 Wifi bug affecting US devices?

There’s apparently a Wifi bug / issue affecting the recently launched Windows Phone 7 devices in the US (I never encountered this or heard about it before in Europe). It was first reported on the Dell Venue Pro but other WP7 devices (HTC HD7, Samsung Focus) are also affected by this according to forum posts. Affected devices are supposedly unable to connect to secured Wifi networks and receive a “your phone couldn’t reach the Wi-Fi network” error message. Is anybody else affected by this ?

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  • Roger Peters

    i havent had any problems with my home or work wifi networks on my Samsung Focus.. and both are secured networks..

  • Dimitris Gkanatsios

    (In Europe but I’d like to mention that) no problems at all with HD7 and HD Trophy :)

  • Anonymous

    REALLY? “Windows Phone WiFi bug…” You need to stop reposting shit from pro-Apple websites before getting your facts straight.

    Only the Dell Venue (allegedly) is experiencing this, because I have a Focus with no issues like this — I connect (secure network) @ work, school and at home with no problem.

  • TroyGates

    I had an error like this the first time I tried to connect to my home wireless on my new HD7 (in the US). When I tried again a few minutes later it worked.

  • Mark Gibbs

    I have the samsung focus and I have 2 wireless at my house one with verizon router and a netgear
    I can connect to the netgear but for some strange reason I can not connect to the verizon router .
    at work its fine … I also have a zune and can connect to both radios ?? I first I thought it was me but
    its not all radios …
    one good thing is that the wireless on the phone is way better than the zune device…

  • greener_007

    None of the devices at my local AT&T store could connect to the in-store wifi, and had to connect to 3G (heaven forbid). No one ventured a guess as to what the problem was.

  • BucksterMcgee

    No problems with my secure networks on my Focus.

    But, does anyone else with a Focus has a blue tint to the screen when you look at it from an angle? Looking straight on it’s perfectly white, but as you try to look at it from any angle, my screen gets a light blue/cyan tint, almost if it was from an antiglare film/coating.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Blue tint when the screen is principally white or at any time? Samsung’s AMOLED (and S-AMOLED) panels and a small blue/gray tint that is noticable on white colors because of the PenTile Matrix.

  • BucksterMcgee

    It’s at any time, but obviously more noticeable with lots of white of the page, but it definitely effects all colors on the page equally. Again then when you look at it center, it’s so perfectly white and colorful, but then the more you turn the screen at an angle the more blue tint comes up.

    It’s still bright on the angles, just with the blue hue. Also, it doesn’t matter which direction you angle it, they all tint blue in exactly the same amount.

    Another thing I noticed when looking at webpages was the screen seemed to dim with the less black there was on the screen, but as you would move the webpage around and added an element of black, the white got brighter and brighter. I could see this both as a limitation of screen, or a feature to save power. Either the basic idea is OLED screens use more power the more colors are used, and hence white is all 3 colors at maximum, it draws the most power. Now if it’s only allowed to drax X amount of power total, as the black elements disappeared, the white would have to dim to remain at the level of X. Then when more black appears and less total power is being used the whites can crank up higher. Try it on a page with a large dark box, and move it on and off of the screen, and watch the white level.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah that’s how Samsung’s AMOLED panels work. Yeah there’s a tiny blue tinit but you are still experiencing the best viewing angles on any mobile device ;) (well unless your screen is busted.. try to go to your local AT&T store and check a Focus side by side).

    The dimming feature is here to save your battery life. AMOLED screens displaying bright colors just rape the battery (it’s thetotal oposite of blacks) so Samsung has implemented this dimming feature that evalutes in real time the contrast and colors being displayed). This can be tuned manually on the Galaxy S but there’s no such iption on the Focus and Omnia 7. And FRankly that’s the only way to go based on my use of the Galaxy S (browsing or playing games just nukes the battery in less than 2 hours sometimes when I boost everything to the max)

  • Sfjunk

    Can’t connect my Focus to a cisco router…

  • BucksterMcgee

    So I took your advice and went back to the AT&T store, and it was definitely a defective screen. The clerk at first didn’t see it, but when I turned both screens to low power it really stood out. The display model was dramatically a perfect white, while mine even showed a off color looking directly at it. The check a 3rd phone, and that confirmed that mine was really off, even looking dead on, so I got a new one. :D

    Man and I though the screen look pretty awesome with my defective one…. this thing is simply amazing.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Wow, well that good to know. You now have the real deal! Super-AMOLED rocks but isn’t perfect IMO (yeah I kinda hate the PenTile Matrix…)

  • PhredWilliams

    The prevalent issue with Win Phone7 devices right now is that the OS does not support secured networks that do not broadcast their SSID.

  • X_swe

    I have the same problem with my omnia7 !
    I live in Sweden,its beggining to get anoing

  • Jerry

    I just got new Focus and it will not connect to my at home WiFi, get the same message as above

  • Thomas Kilber

    there are issues. its not a pro apple thing. i cant connect. could it be incompatible with certain transmissions?

  • Seven8

    I would have to disagree with you. I have a Focus and can not connect to any WIFI network(open or secure).

  • Gglazer

    I’m in Canada. My first LG Optimus worked perfectly on all secured WiFi networks. I replaced the unit due to a faulty search button and the new one won’t connect to any secured WiFi networks. All the wireless networks I’ve tried broadcast their SSID as well.

  • Reiksguard

    Hmm we are just testing a Windows 7 phone. We have the HTC HD7 when I go to the WIFI screen it just says searching and never brings anything back. There appears to be no option to enter manually an SSID and as we dont broadcast SSID this is a fairly major problem…..

    Is this what others are finidng?

  • Jh

    i have 3 samsung focus’s and 2 can connect to my WAP secured network on cant i change the wireless security to WAP2 and now i can connect with all 3 but for some odd reason one of the focus’s wont conntec using just WPA

  • Lindsay

    I think the only “problem” you’ll run into is when you aren’t broadcasting your SSID. I think they are going to push a software update which will allow you to enter your own SSID when you’re not broadcasting, but, for now, you’ll need to broadcast. Contrary to some belief, not broadcasting your SSID does NOT provide any extra level of security. Just turn it on and secure the network with a key. It’ll make you visiting friends happy when they come over. Type in the key for them, and rock on!

    PS – No issues at all with my 2 Focus’ (mine and my wife)

  • Dani Benyo

    I’m from Hungary and I have an Omnia 7 and I can’t connecto to any WiFi networks.

    This is getting more and more frustrating.

  • Guest1010101010101110011

    I could not connect my Focus to my TrendNet TEW-652BRP when my cypher was set to AES. Setting the Cypher to Auto (AES/TKIP) and now it connects.

    Working settings:
    Authentication type: WPA2
    Cypher: AUTO (presumeably TKIP)

  • emil

    I have HTC HD7 and it has same problem, you stop bullshitting please…

  • Cindy Cates

    I have an LG Quantum and I occassionally get the “cannot connect” error message with my home network. If I try several times it will eventually work. Annoying, but not a deal breaker, so far. I am more concerned with not being able to connect to a non-broadcast wifi network. Why would you take away funtionality? I had a Samsung Jack with Windows Mobile 6.1 and connected to non-broadcast networks. My office has this and you can’t use the built-in SharePoint apps without connecting to wifi at your office. For that matter, they flaunt the new SharePoint functions, but severly limit the manner in which it can be used. You must connect to your office wifi over a broadcasted network. Why would you do this ever? If you are in the office, wouldn’t you just use your computer?? Also, you can connect using the cell network or home wifi, but only if your company has a Forefront UAG server. Pretty much makes all the new functions unusable.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup this is a known limitation of the current Office implementation in Windows Phone 7. I’m expecting them to “fix” all these issues around Q2 2011. Microsoft has deliberately aimed the 1.0 version of WP7 at the consumer market and put enterprise in the back seat (compare to WM6.X).

  • Andras Feher

    Im from Hungary aswell and have the same problem on Omnia. Do you have any workarounds? Could you fix it?

  • Andras Feher

    Well. Some tweak did the job. Its OK for now, but sometimes i have to try to connect several times before being successful.

  • Doug Kincade

    I’ve had no problems connecting a Dell Venue to networks broadcasting their SSIDs, but Microsoft confirms that WP7 will not yet connect to non-broadcasting networks.

  • Pimpto316

    I have an HD7 and it connects to my Netgear router without problems, but the connection really lags. I have other smartphones and an HD2 that are really fast on my home network.

  • STONEY1 420

    i have a focus from da US and i cant connect to my cisco wrt 300n and im anetworking major!!!!

  • Arseny Kravchenko

    I have a HD7 connected to WPA2-PSK AES network on 300m 802.11n, and have no problems. Device imported from US.

  • Punik

    I have Samsung Omnia 7 and I am getting the same shit… :/ And since I am IT pro, I have tried many, many different setups, to no avail. The strange thing is, that on SOME routers/Access points, the Omnia 7 connects swiftly. On others, as well as on laptops – never ever. Seems like a phone bug to me, because the other devices have no problem connecting at all. This kind of strange “not able to connect” behavior is common to some older IBM notebooks, where is a firmware problem, rendering it unable to connect to most (of not all) of Cisco / Linksys routers and APs…
    This it not an pro-Apple shit, this is a major problem, at least on Europe-released Omnia 7, so open your eyes and do some homework. :)

  • KT See

    I have a Samsung Focus and the WiFi fails to work to a secure WiFi network. It was working fine yesterday. It prompts a message saying, “Connection unsuccessful – You phone couldn’t reach the Wi-Fi network ABCNet”. Is there an issue with Windows Phone 7 WiFi?

  • Gumbyk

    Having this probelm also, in an New Zealand released HD7.
    It seems that sometimes, if I restart the wifi on my router, it will connect.
    Anyone have a fix for this yet?

  • Sparky

    HTC Mozart. Conncted fine to my wifi until today. Refused to connect today.
    Changed SSD on the router and it connected first time. Smells like a bug to me.

  • Rylhlemus

    I found that by lowering my wireless speed to 14 mbs the phone connected with no problem.

  • Guest

    The same problem with HTC Trophy in Germany. I can connect to some WLANs but for some get this error

  • Le469

    Just got a HTC MYTOUCH. Cant connect to to my home wifi or at work.
    Keep getting error message and that it can’t connect to network.
    Can’t figure it out? Very disappointed. Just switched over from iPhone 3G. :-( You better believe this a real problem! Unbelievable!!

  • Frisky

    I bought 3 Samsung Focus i917 devices (for various family members). Two of them work fine. One of them just started having issues connecting to WiFi. We have had them since Novemeber. I can stand directly next to the device, but it will not connect to our Wifi.

  • Frisky

    I just spent a few minutes, and figured out what the issue is with the non-working Samsung Focus phone. The issue is DHCP was giving it an IP that conflicted with another IP that had already been assigned. I went into my router and entered static addresses for each of the phones I have based on their MAC address. (To get the make address, take a look at this Once this was done, I “Applied Changes”, which on my router was not obvious, but very much required. The router took a couple of minutes to restart, at which point everything started working perfectly. :)

  • Gayan Jayasinghe

    I been using HD7 since day they launched it. It was working perfect with any wifi network. But I Cant connect now with any of those networks which i used to connect before. This is shit. Microsoft better fix this.

  • Edin

    I’m in the UK and I have an HTC Pro 7 (win 7) and its not connecting to my network at all now. It did sporadically to begin with but following advice from HTC to do a hard reset it won’t connect at all. It sees the network clearly enough but just won’t connect. My computer, iphone and printer all work fine on the network.

    Does anyone know if there is a fix or shall I take my phone back and go back to the iphone?

  • Bengaltalk

    I cant connect to my secure wifi and am on my second as apparently my first was faulty for not connecting!! (trophy7)

  • Alonso

    I bought the samsung focus recently and i can’t connect to any wifi network. This is really annoying.
    Anyone knows how to fix the bug?

  • Allan_whalley

    i have a new htc 7 pro and i cant get on any wifi networks. will send it backand get an iphone soon.

  • Edin guy

    Yeah exactly the same problem as me. I had a new HTC Pro 7 and it wouldn’t connect to wifi 90% of the time so I went back to the iphone. Very dissappointed with HTC and Windows Mobile 7.

  • ydroxoos

    Hey, I thought I’d share my experience with everyone.
    I have the LG Quantum (unlocked), worked well on my home secured wi-fi for 4 months, until suddenly this week…I kept getting the error msg, about my phone not being able to connect to my wi-fi. Not sure if this is relevant or not, but my router happens to be the N600 by Netgear. So i tried, unplugging and resetting the following; Router, Modem, and phone…nothing worked. I called LG and did some troubleshooting. Here’s what worked for me;
    when you’re looking at the wi-fi connections available on your screen, select the one you’re trying to connect to by pressing and holding it down for a few seconds. You’ll get a pop-up wich gives you an option to delete this wi-fi network. Delete it!
    then try refreshing your wi-fi list again, when your wifi network shows up again and you select it, it should no longer give you the error msg, it should ask for the password. I hope this helps, it sure helped me!

  • Gilchristjustin01

    Omnia 7 from UK. Worked fine for 2 weeks now won’t connect to my router.

  • YuNo

    WHY !!!!!

  • Nevismostwanted

    I have a focus,and right now its not letting me connect to my secure network (netgear)but yet my sister’s phone is connected and her laptop

  • Cameronjr3

    I am having the same problem on my new Samsung Focus. I am verry mad that I just bought a new phone and the wifi isn’t working.

  • ngy2k

    it has same problem with my HTC surround, every time need to restart the router, but no problem on other device such as iphone, laptop… what happen with Microsoft?

  • Itisme…mariooo.

    I got the mssg ‘couldn’t reach the wi-fi network’ on my omnia 7 i8700.
    Finally i got it fixed by adding the MAC address to the MAC filter of my router and marked as allowed. After that, it works great. Weird though, because i have no other devices that needed their MAC addresses to be specifically allowed on the router, that’s also why it took me a great while before even thinking about that.

    Not a US device btw, i’m in The Netherlands and bought the phone in Germany.

  • Itisme…mariooo.

    I got the mssg ‘couldn’t reach the wi-fi network’ on my omnia 7 i8700.
    Finally i got it fixed by adding the MAC address to the MAC filter of my router and marked as allowed. After that, it works great. Weird though, because i have no other devices that needed their MAC addresses to be specifically allowed on the router, that’s also why it took me a great while before even thinking about that.

    Not a US device btw, i’m in The Netherlands and bought the phone in Germany.

  • Mark Plantenberg

    I have this issue periodically and do not have a good fix for my HD7. But I do think I know the cause. It appears that the phone is not releasing the last IP address. I have not data plan so I really only on WiFi. I use it almost exclusively for email, so a connection is essential to me being able to use it. That said, I can go back and forth between work and home and it will work fine for awhile, then it will just quite working at one place or the other.
    I can ping the phone from home and it has my work IP Address on it. It resolves to the host name fine. It just won’t grab an IP from my wireless router OR any other open network such as a coffee shop. I’ve rebooted both several times. My other wireless devices, yes…including my old iPhone 3g, connect with no issues at all. I go back to work and my HD7 connects in a few seconds.
    The only fix so far has been to freaking RESET the phone!!! How stupid is that!! This is like FORMAT C: just to release an IP.

    Microsoft, give us more network functions. We need to be able to MANUALLY configure these BASIC network settings.

  • Keviv

    I’ve got my samsung focus in India, the wifi was working fine suddenly it gets stuck in the search mode and does not show any available networks, my ipod touch was working fine, its annoying.

  • Mark H

    I have had no problems with my focus connecting to WIFI, until today. I have tried everything I can think of, rebooting the phone, router etc. The only thing that made me go hmmmm? was we have new neighbours have just moved in, I noticed my WIFI search was picking up a new WIFI connection, Verizon. I’m with Verizon too, just a coincidence maybe, but like I said I have ahd no problems for months and then bang, the connection unsuccessful “your phone couldn’t reach the WI-FI network message! It’s really pissing me off. My next step will be to get Verizon to check it out.

  • Shlugendah

    Since I got the mango update, my Focus will not connect to my home WiFi. I reset my router once and it fixed it, but I’m not going to do that everytime I come home. I’m sure this will be fixed, so there’s no reason to freak out. I love my windows phone, so I can be patient. People who gripe about stuff like this and vow to return the phone any get an iPhone are just looking for reasons to not like wp7. IPhone will always have users who prefer it over other platforms and vice versa. Cest la viva.

  • Sarahh

    I have the Samsung focus Windows phone and it has the same problem. you’re a funny guy. get your facts straight

  • Lan_dawei

    I am doing a test on the Samsung Focus.   I cannot connect to a WiFi even though I can connect other devices to a WiFi.    My MacBook works fine, my iTouch works fine, my Windows 7 laptop works fine.     I would simply like to know how to correct this problem so I can continue my evaluation.

  • Christian Clark

    I have two Windows Phone 7 devices. a samsung omnia 7 and a nokia lumia 800. The samsung has no problems with my wifi or any wifi networks I have tried in the last year.

    The lumia 800 displays “your phone couldn’t reach the Wi-Fi network”. every. single. time. It literally can only connect to the open BT FON network. There is obviously a driver problem. Maybe the dell and nokia devices are using the similar wifi chipsets.

    either way this needs fixing pretty much immediately!

  • Kabelo Selesho

    hi, i can’t connect my omnia 7 to billion secured router…it gives me this error 
    “re enter the password to connect to the wifi network omnia 7″

    please assist….

  • Nessa


  • OhVannessaa

    I LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Nordberg

    I have a LG Quantum and have issues with my home wifi. I have a DSL modem that it connects to just fine. Then I have a tp-link repeater for when I go outside (far from house). It has serious issues connecting to the repeater. I reset the repeater give it a minute and its fine. However other devices can connect to the repeater just fine – when the phone is having issues. I’ve tried to delete the connection and re-add, but that does not solve the problem. I shifted from WPA2 to WPA – no avail. I do have a psk that I use and have not mucked with that. But it definitly has issues. It works great at work where we also use repeater – from Cisco.

  • Arsh Tejay

    lumia 710 unable to find any wifi network

  • SoylentG

    That worked for me!! Thanks!