Windows Live Messenger for Windows Phone 7 Officially unveiled

I was the first to show you that Windows Live Messenger was coming to Windows Phone 7 a couple of days. Unfortunately nothing was official yet and there’s was a bit of confusion about who was actually developing the application (as you can see in the comments section). French developers Miyowa have officially announced that they were enlisted by Microsoft to develop the WP7 version of the app in a blog post a few hours ago:

Here at Miyowa, we’ve had the pleasure of being able to play around on it for the past few months, as Microsoft have enlisted Miyowa to create the Windows Live Messenger app for the new OS.
We’ve long been partners with Microsoft, and are their number 1 mobile Windows Live Messenger provider. In fact, it is the success of our mobile WLM app that long ago helped us grow from a company with a couple of people working away in a tiny office, to the multi-national we are today!
And, now that we’ve expanded our expertise, and become market leaders in mobile Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (and, of course, official partners of each) you can look forward to seeing Miyowa clients for those networks in the WP7 Marketplace too.

Thanks to Miyowa for the heads up

UPDATE May 24 2011: Windows Live Messenger and Facebook chat are now natively integrated into Windows Phone 7 Mango!

  • Anonymous

    So, will this be able to multitask?

  • eric95c

    That’s good, it looks like a sms/phone message software but online. I think this is the good way to make it because on a phone, we use most often msn or skype in the same way as a sms/phone message (or to replace them).

    Also, I wish to send you a link to another website for an important information about WP7 devices :
    Have a look, it’s interesting to know that we can add a micro-sd card but that we better don’t remove it after adding it at the 1st start of the phone.

  • MobileTechWorld

    I frankly don’t know. Would be surprised if it did.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah, swapping the micro-sd for another one will require a hard-reset of the phone. So far only the Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus seem to have user accessible Micro-SD slots.

  • Le Chiffre

    Are you sure the Samsung Omnia 7 has user accesible micro sd? I have checked some of the specs and only the focus has, but the Omnia 7 doesn’t seem to have…

  • MobileTechWorld

    Not 100% as I was not able to open it to check out (and I haven’t seen anybody do it yet). But given that both the Focus and Omnia 7 are essentially the same phone and are being offered in 8Gb or 16 versions. I’m assuming that they also both have a micro-sd slot.

  • Arrow22

    It might not multitask completely, but would it be possible that it utilises push notifications? That would be a great solution.

  • Le Chiffre

    Following that assumption, you might be right … I am hoping it does, if so I am def getting the Omnia 7. I was thinking of upgrading my HD2 with the HD7, but i still don’t consider it to be a worthwhile upgrade…

  • MobileTechWorld

    The HD7 is just an HD2 with WP7 (and the Dolby Mobile/SRS Surround HD) so it isn’t really interesting for you. With the Omnia 7 you at least get the Super-AMOLED display, it’s lighter in weight and easier to handle with one hand. The Mozart and Trophy are interesting thought (SLCD screen , better for factor than the HD7, and better camera on the Mozart). If you are lucky to be in the US go for the Focus (it’s just 10x better looking than the Omnia 7 and also thinner).

  • BucksterMcgee

    Gah, I just want a damn Windows Phone already!!! AGHHH!!! The only problem is I can’t decide on which Phone, and I’m kinda feeling like I should wait for the 2nd wave of phones…. but I want one now!! The focus looks like the current best, with a larger Super AMOLED screen, and expandable memory, but sadly I’m not sold on the design, and while I do want OLED and the benefits of Super AMOLED, the pentax tile scares me a bit. Having a Zune HD, I know that Metro and WP7 looks the best with an OLED screen, but is the fuzzy text that bad? Also, I’m kinda intrigued about the HTC hub even if it’s insane. Also, also the HTC surround looks interesting, but I would have to know that the speakers are awesome… and then I would lose out on OLED and larger memory, not to mention it’s far fatter then the focus. I think the biggest hesitant for me is that the 1.3ghz phones will be right around the corner… not to mention verizon, which would be my first choice for a carrier. Gah, decisions!

    P.S. I WANT ONE!

  • alfredloong

    this messenger for windows phone 7 is so buggy and unstable, always crash and we won’t be able to receive notification when we close this app or the screen is locked.
    very disappointed with the so called official messenger for windows phone.

  • Carlo_nalls

    This app is limited and disappointing as it could serve as the link of notifications to the tile and possibly the lock screen. Once this is realized it will open up the phone’s full potential in the social arena. I like my HD7.. hands down!

  • Bomb Kc

    what website can I download this application?

  • MobileTechWorld

    The Marketplace on your Windows Phone 7 device.

  • dan hanson

    i wouldnt bother downloading thsi messenger by miyowa…its garbage, i hoe microsft realeses the real window live messenger for mobile soon

  • Morgesh

    Very Dissapointed.  My Lumia 710 is a windows phone, but does not have windows messenger.  Irony unlimited.  not a happy bunny.  get your fingers out your bums microsoft.  this is unacceptable!!!