Windows Phone 7 Developer tools are final and available

As promised last month, Microsoft has just released the Final Windows Phone 7 developer tools. All the most important controls are now included and ready to use ( Panorama, Pivot, Bing Maps etc.;). Remember that you will have to uses them (the official controls) if you don’t want to have your application rejected. All apps developed with the Beta SDK with have to be recompiled with the final before submission to the Marketplace in early October. Also note that if you currently have a development handset the app compiled with the final sdk won’t deploy to the device (I guess that a firmware update is going to be pushed)

The community was also instrumental in ensuring that key controls were made available with the developer tools. The Panorama control is one of the core components of the Windows Phone Design System (codenamed ‘Metro’) that powers the Hubs that are such a prominent part of the product. Panorama based applications offer a unique manner to view controls, data and services in a long horizontal canvas that extends beyond the confines of the screen, and provides the touch and animation features that invite the user to explore and consume your application. The panorama generally serves as the starting point from which the user can drill into subsequent experiences.

Pivot is the second unique control to Windows Phone 7 provided as part of the final developer tools. Pivot is a way to visualize data for customers, but give them the ability to filter from one view of the data to another. The speed and simplicity of the control will be a welcome enhancement to data driven applications.

Lastly, the Bing Maps control was added to the final release of the tools. We are now giving developers the ability to instantly build compelling map experiences that include a full suite of map functionality that users have come to expect… search, directions, scroll, zoom, aerial view, street view and more, all with a single drag and drop operation. We’ve also provided this control with a free commercial license for your Windows Phone apps. Go forth and be awesome.

Also don’t forget that Microsoft has also released an Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 Today.

You can grab the Final SDK here 

via Windows Phone Team Blog