Custom Windows Phone 7 Mobile Ad Control: AdMob and others

Here’s a new Mobile Ad Control If you are planning to monetize your free Windows Phone 7 this fall. Contrary to the first one that was made available on codeplex a few weeks ago this new one is more Blend friendly and feature three different template. You can also use Advertising networks other than AdMob by easily editing the code.

But like I said last time; I’m not 100% sure yet if this will allowed in the Marketplace:

Microsoft has already announced that developers will be allowed to monetise their work with mobile ads but this probably won’t be available directly at launch (that’s the latest I heard). So if you plan on using this control I highly suggest to try to contact Microsoft before finalizing your development. Check out the video after the break:

Here’s official text from the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Marketplace guidelines:

2.7 If your application includes or displays advertising, the advertising must comply with the Microsoft Advertising Creative Acceptance Policy Guide (

Gab it here.

Source: Jacob 4 U2