Verizon's HTC EVO / Desire HD emerges in the wild

It now looks like Verizon may be getting its own version of the HTC EVO 4G pretty soon based on a couple leaked pictures. The device definitely looks like it belongs to the 4.3″ family which was introduced to the world nearly a year ago with the HTC HD2. The design seems to be a mix between the EVO 4G (kickstand) and the upcoming HTC Desire HD.

Source: BGR

  • Diego!

    Wow… though it looks exactly the same to HTC Desire HD.

    I can’t wait for HTC to release all of its catalogue. :)

  • Diego!

    It seems it has a front facing camera, doesn’t it?

  • MVTom

    I hope they do a better job of meeting the demand for Verizon than they did for Sprint. I have been trying to get an EVO as an upgrade on Sprint and there are waiting lists everywhere, some people have been on the waiting lists for 3 months.