The Harvest Windows Phone 7 3D Game videos

Here are 10 gameplay videos of the Windows Phone 7 3D Action/RPG game The Harvest. The Harvest was the first WP7 3D game ever shown during the MIX10 event in March and demonstrates what can currently be done on the platform with XNA. The game will be an Xbox launch title this fall:

Designed from the ground up to be the best looking 3-D mobile phone game to date, The Harvestâ„¢ features innovative touch screen gameplay, along with visceral combat, and opportunities for exploration, character customization, and more. This action RPG experience is an Xbox LIVE-enabled game for Windows Phone 7, and will immerse you into a deep and intriguing story where it is vital that the GDF is victorious.

Via Twitter

  • Diego!

    Wow!!! It looks amazing!!! The graphics are superb! I’m just thinking if it would be too difficult to play it on a phone.

    I want my WP7 device NOW! The Harves here I come! :D