Telstra talks Windows Phone 7 Hubs and lack of Tethering


As you probably already know (or not) Windows Phone 7 won’t support Tethering in its first release this fall. It has never been officialy or publically discussed by Microsoft but I   breifly talked about it once before and said that to for me, this will have a bigger impact than the lack of copy and paste. Mobile Operators and carriers aren’t really fond of this feature and rarely enable it on their devices unless you pay for a dedicated tethering data plan on top of your default contract. Interestingly Australian telco Tesltra is pushing Microsoft to include tethering as soon as possible in the OS so it can be included in the carrier’s Windows Phone 7 hub that will be pre-installed on the devices:

“Tethering is a feature we want. We will be on Microsoft’s case as well!” laughed Telstra’s Powell.

Powell likened the Windows Phone 7 series to Telstra’s own Hub application that will be featured on the mobile operating system. “We build it, make it stronger and introduce new features — otherwise we won’t have anything to tell customers in 6 months! Now it comes with tethering! It’s streaming!” he laughed.

The Hub is a Telstra news, application and entertainment portal that will be available on the new Microsoft platform — but no video streaming would be available as yet. “Videos in the Hub are a work in progress,” said Powell. “We’re working on the next generation of the live streaming aspect.”

Source: Delimiter via WMPU