New Windows Phone 7 presentation Keynote: Advertising, Voice Activated search

Here’s an interesting Windows Phone 7 presentation that took place today during the Cannes Lions Festival in Fance. First off you will notice that Microsoft‘s Senior VP of Marketing, Mich Mathews announces that WP7 will launch in October..take this with a grain of salt thought as nothing has officially been said other than “in times for the holidays”. You will then see Microsoft’s GM, Kostas Mallios demonstrates how Windows Phone 7 can be used as an advertising platform. There’s a couple of interesting bits in his demo starting with the fact that voice activated search seems to work perfectly in Bing. Kostas also demonstrates that users will be able to download applications directly from the web through secure links that go straight to the application on the Marketplace (similar to the iPhone and android) and the ability for advertisers (and basically all third-party developers) to analyse the application’s usage and push down notifications to the phone to remind the user about it it (this is not the default behaviour of the app, users will obviously be able to opt-in or out of push notifications for every app). Check out the 8mins video after the break:

Source: Youtube via WMPoweruser