Watch the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace in action

Here’s a nice TechED session dedicated to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. You see how the Marketplace in action (on the LG Panther / GW910) and also see how the application Trial API actually works and some talk about the private Beta testing functionality that we talked about a few days ago. Be sure to also listen to the Q&A session afterwards. Loke Ui’s claim that games must be rated PG13 is a joke….I hope (he jokes that they can’t bring Halo because it’s rated M) because the Twin Blades game that you previously saw in my hands-on session is really gore and is probably rated M (and is going to be one of the Hero launch application this fall).Some interesting info about the application’s performance: An Application must display a new screen 1 second after the user opens it (can be a splash screen) then the application has a maximum of 19 seconds to make sure that the user can operate it, if not the application will be rejected by Microsoft. There’s also a demo of the Windows Phone 7 development handset unlocker at the end. The video is after the break: