The LG Panther / GW910 hits the FCC

The LG Panther / GW910 Windows Phone handset has just passed the FCC certification in the US. But keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the device will ever hit retail. Microsoft has made it clear that this device and the Samsung Taylor (and Asus Galaxy 6) were only prototype development handset that are not going to be full blown retail products. Also keep in mind that the Samsung Taylor has passed the FCC a cople of weeks ago under the Samsung SHG-i707 name. So no big deal here. The LG E900 and C900 are going to be LG’s first WP7 retail products.

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LG Panther / GW910 developer phone shown of on video

Some developers have been lucky enough to receive one of the few Windows Phone 7  prototype handsets sent by Microsoft earlier this week and videos are already starting to show up on YouTube. Below you will see a quick walkthrough video of the LG Panther / GW910 device:

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HTC Schubert Windows Phone 7 handset launching November 17th on T-Mobile

After yesterday’s rumored HTC Gold UK launch date comes the HTC Schubert which will supposedly launch on T-Mobile US on November 17th according to a leaked roadmap. As I said yesterday, the HTC Schubert is probably the same device as the HTC Mondrian, Gold, Mozart etc… Interestingly it also looks like LG may have its LG Panther / GW910 Windows Phone 7 handset out around the same time as you can see in the leaked roadmap pictured above where there is non-Android LG handset launching in November to…

Source: AndroidSpin

LG confirms Windows Phone 7 device launching this year

This isn’t really breaking news but just a confirmation that LG is focusing on delivering there first Windows Phone 7 handset, the LG Panther aka GW910 later this year. It’s been well known for a while the LG is Microsoft’s main OEM partner on Windows Phone 7. Both companies signed a partnership back in 2009 during Mobile World Congress and I later found out the there’s an dedicted LG Team in Remdond working on Windows Phone 7 hardware. But because of the delays and the growing sucess of Android LG has decidded to focus on both operating systems (insead of WP7 only as it was originaly announced when the partnership was signed.

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