Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) on Windows Phone 7

Two days ago Microsoft made it clear that Business users and ITs will not be left out of Windows Phone 7 and that they are aiming to provide the best Office, SharePoint, and Exchange experience ever seen on a mobile platform. So without further talk I highly suggest you watch the following TechED session (video after the break):

A growing number of employees are using their smartphones for business purposes. This makes planning secure access to email, documents, and applications a mission critical job for IT. Learn how Forefront Unified Access Gateway makes accessing email and documents from Windows Phones secure. This session presents the top things you can do to improve the security of your Windows Phone deployment, including deploying ActiveSync with Microsoft Exchange Server, providing secure remote access to Microsoft SharePoint, planning and publishing line-of-business applications, to take advantage of this evolution. Take full advantage of your IT investment in Exchange Server and SharePoint. This session covers architecture, deployment best practices, application publishing and traffic filtering for better protection of information.