More HTC EVO 4G Reviews and impressions

This time it’s Gizmodo’s turn to take a look at the HTC EVO 4G.Unfortunately it’s a Giz so the review/preview is kind of lacking. The reviewer has obviously never had an HTC HD2 in hand so half of the (short) hands-on (or is it a review?) is about the size of the screen etc.. The camera samples aren’t that great either in part because they were obviously shot in poor lighting conditions. 

What I would really like to see a comparison of the YouTube Cupcacke Canon video played on the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC HD2 side-by-side. Sprint has been using this video to demonstrated the HQ video setting only available in 4G mode but from what I’m seeing on my HD2 on 3G and WiFi (with High Quality enabled in the YouTube application) it looks nearly identical. Check out the shots below (keep in mind that there’s some JPEG compression):

PCMag have also posted their review of the handset:

YouTube on the EVO reveals an HD mode when you’re in 4G or Wi-Fi coverage, which gives you smooth, clear, full-screen videos. That’s a huge improvement over the horribly impressionistic, blurry mess of YouTube on 3G.


The HTC Evo has flaws. I’m rating it a 4 stars rather than a 4.5 because of its harsh voice quality and especially because 4G doesn’t cover many cities yet. I’m also not in love with its touch keyboard. But it’s so far ahead of other Sprint phones in so many ways, it’s in a class that only contains the HTC Incredible, Google Nexus One, iPhone 3GS, and itself.

Source: Gizmodo & PCMag