Windows Phone 7 ROM Leaked?


That’s what a Chinese XDA poster is claiming. He just posted a file a Windows Phone 7 image file that supposedly belongs to a unannounced HTC handset called the HTC Mondrian on Cingular USA. I’m not going to say that I’m highly skeptical but lets take a look at what we’ve got here: Cigular USA is long gone (it’s now AT&T Mobility since 2007) ,the HTC Mondrian code name sounds a bit weird especially compared to HTC’s latest codenames (incredible, passion, legend pothon, trophy etc..), the build number is 6176; exactly the same as the latest Emulator build (compiled on Arpil 6th) and the folks at XDA-China have already made several attempts to pass repackaged WP7 Emulator images as leaked WP7 since the CTP tools were released by Microsoft in March. So is this a really leak? It could be, but nothing has been proved at all…And even if it was real; what’s the point of it given that it can’t be flashed on current HD2 devices  (every WP7 ROM will supposedly be digitaly signed to a single hardware unit) and if by miracle this was the case you won’t be able to use any of the online services present in the OS (because they will fail to autenticitate your phone as a genuine Windows Phone 7 handset). 

I guess that I should also remind you of the “WP7 on HTC HD2″ story that some folks came up with a little while ago. Ever since I posted my video showing that it was fairly easy to fake we never heard a single thing about them…ever.

Source: XDA