Samsung Roadmap leaks: 4 new Bada phones and 2 new Windows Phones

Samsung unveiled its upcoming product roadmap during a recent developer event Russia. According to the the picture above Samsung has 2 Windows Phones (7 or 6.X?) currently scheduled to launch this year, a full touch-screen (slab) handset and a full-qwerty candy bard handset reminiscent of the i780. We can also see One unannounced Android devices are the roadmap (probably an entry-level version of the Galaxy S).

Samsung has lso quite a few Bada handsets planned as pictured above. The first one is obviously the Samsung Wave which should start to hit the market anytime now and 4 other unannounced devices. (2 of them having a slide-out keyboard)

Here’s a quick hands-on of the Samsung Wave:

Source: via Engadget