There's no Google Phone?

It’s becoming clear now that there is in fact no Google Phone contrary to what many blogs (Gizmodo, TechCrunch WSJ etc..) want you to believe. The HTC Nexus One device we have seen is a developer edition version of what is going to be the HTC Passion (or Bravo / Dragon whatever you want to call it). Just like the original HTC Dream (ADP1) was the dev edition of the HTC G1 the HTC Ion -> HTC Magic (ADP2) the Nexus is Google’s new Android development platform (ADP3). Eldar Mutazin of Mobile-Review who is well connected also confirmed this a few hours ago via Twitter:

Hmmm Google Phone is a kind of fake finaly. Just finish conversation with some guy from Google, story looks in other way then it was discuss
Google employees are testing some features of upcoming version of Android 2.1 on HTC Passion which was called Google Phone (=Android phone)
Some rival company used misunderstanding to lauch rumour about Gphone and new business model from Google (which arent true).

He also thinks that Apple is the source of this baseless rumor (which was first posted by Techcrunch a couple weeks ago..). I guess it helps to generate traffic though..

UPDATE January 5th: Looks like Eldar was totally full of sh@t!