HTC Desire Android 2.2 Froyo update officially coming out this Weekend

That’s right folks, the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the HTC Desire is going to officially be released this weekend according and 720P video recording is now finally on board (remember I was the first to report about this back in february)! The update will also include the app sharing widget that was introduced on the HTC Wildfire plus a couple of other features and improvements. Read the full statement after the break:

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Leaked HTC Desire Android 2.2 ROM with 720P recording released

Remember the HTC Desire Android 2.2 ROM I talked about a few days? Well, it’s finally up for grabs over at XDA-Devs. New features include:

•Android 2.2 Froyo (FRF-85B)
•New Radio
•New Base v2.04
•720p Video recorder
•Native APP2SD
•App Sharing
•Car Panel
•Wi-Fi Hotspot
•..and much more!

This ROM is actually based on a leaked internal HTC ROM and mix-matches with other cooked up tweaks. Based on the current feedback everything isn’t top notch and you’ll be lucky if everything works perfectly from the get go. Check out two 720P video samples after the break:

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HTC Desire vs Samsung Galaxy S: Quake 2 performance

We already saw the Samsung Galaxy S running Quake 3 without breaking a sweat a few days ago. But how does it compare to HTC’s latest Android smartphone? Here’s a video of Quake 2 running on an HTC Desire next to a Galaxy S…the verdict is that HTC’s handset gets totally slaughtered by Samsung’s offering. My guess is that this has more to do with Qualcomm/HTC sub-par drivers than the actual GPU power under the hood (even though the PowerVR SGX540 GPU in the Galaxy S is in definitely more powerful that the current Qualcomm Adreno 200 found in the QSD8×50 SnapDragon. Watch the whole thing after the break:

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720P video recording finally coming to the HTC Desire

It seems that HTC is about to fulfill its promise and enable 720P video recording on the HTC Desire in a upcoming Froyo / Android 2.2 ROM according to leaks on the XDA-Devs forum. Not much is known yet but it looks like some folks have got their hands on some leaked internal ROM and are in the process of cooking a hacked rom with it. Check out the 2 720P video samples shot with an HTC Desire below:

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Android 2.2 coming to the HTC Desire in less than 2 weeks?

XDA user jonnobright received the following mail from HTC’s tech Support claiming that  the Android 2.2 will be pushed Over The Air to the HTC Desire in less than two weeks:

Dear Jonathan, Thank you for contacting us in regards to your flash player issue. Within the next 2 weeks HTC wil release the Android 2.2 OS over the air. The will enable the lastest version of Adobe Flash Player on your device and will resolve any exisiting issues. I trust that this resolves your query, please do not hesitate to contact us again if required. Thank you for contacting HTC. Best regards, xxxxxxxxxxxxx HTC Technical Support

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Can this be true? Now HTC’s Support track record I would take the following mail with a pinch of salt. But it would be awesome if it was indeed true.

source: XDA-devs via Pocketnow

HTC Desire vs HTC HD2 camera comparison

I decided to do a quick comparison of the HTC Desire’s camera versus the HTC HD2 post my findings now instead of waiting until I finish my full review later this week. Looking at the pictures above you will immediately notice that the HD2 shots (left) are darker and have a purple tint compared to the Desire shots. What’s even more interesting though is that this huge difference is only noticeable in low light outdoor scenes (and cloudy) but not in sunny / well lite shots (in this situation both devices have nearly identical quality). The dual LED flash on the HD2 is also totally unnecessary. All shots were taken with the exact same camera setup (all image properties set to default and image quality to High on the Desire and Super Fine on the HD2).  Below you find a video capture in WVGA on HTC Desire:

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HTC Desire Software Tour video

Want to see how fast a smooth HTC’s Sense UI runs on the HTC Desire? Check out the video below that I shot today where you’ll will see that the Desire is one heck of speedy handset. as you will see the only time I saw lag was when I set a live Wallpaper (animated wallpaper), so turning it off and reverting back to a traditional one fixed the issue. HTC’s Sense UI on the Desire is basically the same as on the HTC Legend which is an update versions on the one introduced on the HTC Hero nearly one year ago.

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HTC Desire vs HTC HD2: Browser Performance video

Here’s a video a shot showing the performance of the HTC Desire vs the HTC HD2 when it comes to loading and rendering web page using the default browser on both handsets. The first thing you will notice is that both devices are nearly identical in speed when loading the web page but things are quite different once you start navigating…Pages are always render fully zoomed-out and fit perfectly in the whole screen on the HTC Desire (same as on the iPhone) unlike Opera Mobile on the HD2. The second advantage of the HTC Desire is the fact that you will never witness any checkerboard pattern once the page is fully loaded and even-though text re-flow is present it doesn’t mess up you ability to zoom into pictures like Opera does on Windows Mobile. Finally the Desire’s browser support flash (not Flash 10.1 yet AFAICS) but as I mention in the video, the quality of the videos played through the browser is sub-par so you will need to check them out in the native YouTube application to experience them in the fully glory. Check out the video below:

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HTC Desire Hardware Tour video


Here comes the HTC Desire Hardware Tour video. There’s obviously nothing out of the ordinary given that the Desire is just a Nexus One with an optical trackpad instead of a track ball. What surprised me though is how cheap the handset felt in the hand when compared to the HD2, probably because of the slimplastic back cover which is a total pain to take off sometimes. The Desire also weight only 135g compared to 157g for the HD2. The AMOLED display is definitely a step forward compared to the LCD especially in terms of color contrast (HTC did mess up the calibration though just like on the HD Mini) the only downside being the poor outdoors visibility. Other than the screen (and the OS) the Desire has exactly the same specification as the HTC HD2: same SnapDragon chipset, same amout of RAM (512Mb or ROM & 576 Mb of RAM).

HTC Desire vs HTC HD2 size comparison

Here are a couple of pictures comparing the size of the HTC Desire vs the HTC HD2. The Desire isn’t actually much smaller that the HD2 when you look at the specifications but in real life it definitely feels a lot better in the hand. I always though that a 4+” screen would be the sweet spot for a multimedia smartphone but after using the HD2 for more than 6 months I realised that it iss just too big to be practical (especially when used as a phone..) on the other hand 3.7″ seems to be the best compromise for good ease of use and readability/visibility IMO

The HTC Desire has arrived

Another review is coming up folks. I just received an HTC Desire from the good folks at HTC and will start playing with it for a week. Anything you want to know or see? If you have any questions about the handset just leave a comment here or on Twitter or email me directly.

HTC Desire vs iPhone 3GS browser comparison video

Here’s an interesting video comparison of the HTC Desire vs the iPhone 3GS browsers. You’ll first see web pages already cached being loaded on both devices, then the same test being done after flushing the browsers cache. The Desire nearly always comes out ahead of the iPhone but as you will see Apple‘s flagship product is still the king when it comes to navigation fluidity and speed (zooming & panning).

HTC delays Sim-Free HTC Desire in the UK, favors Carriers?

Looks like something weird is going on in the UK right now. According to several reports all orders of unlocked/sim-free HTC Desireshave been delayed and all the stock has be re-allocated to the carriers for the time being. This means that all those who pre-ordered the phone and were supposed to receive it today are now left with nothing but an email from their online UK retailer (Clove, Hantec, Devicewire, etc) telling them that hipping has been delayed until next week at the earliest. Some online stores are actually blaming HTC for this apparently:

Thanks for your email,

I am very sorry for this situation, i understand you have spoken to one of my colleagues today in regards to this issue, i understand the most likely reason for any delays to HTC official Online partners may be a logistical problem, with Network providers being preferred over the Online Partners, please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you regarding this.

We are finding it very hard to substantiate such a delay without any valid reasons and can completely understand what you mean here, we will put any info we have on the site immediately but whilst we too are in the dark we can only apologise and ask for your patience.

We honestly do not intend to mislead customers and are just as frustrated with the constant set backs as all of our customers but were currently assessing this situation and ensuring our purchasing team is in contact with HTC permanently to obtain any updates.

We will alway keep you in the loop and would be grateful of any information you can post to ensure all of our customers are aware were working as hard as possible to ensure all orders are fulfilled as soon as possible.

Please also feel free to email us for any updates.

Is there anything else that we can assist you with here?

Kind regards.

Customer Service 803

Telephone 0845 644 7727
Online Live Support Online

Unit 64 – 66,
Werrington Business Centre
Papyrus road

You can follow the ongoing drama over at XDA right now. This is kinda shady on HTC’s part, but it seems like they prefer to favor their partners (which are the number One costumers now I guess) instead of the end-user. FYI, the HTC Desire is now available and shipping on Vodafone UK, Orange UK, T-mobile UK. My guess is the HTC probably didn’t anticipate the high-demand for the phone and didn’t have enough stock ready to fulfill all those  orders so they decided to prioritize the carriers orders (which is somewhat understandable from a business perspective).

[Thanks to everyone for the tip]

HTC Legend, HTC Desire & HTC HD Mini shipping in April, up for pre-order now

HTC Legend, HTC Desire, HTC HD2, HTC HD Mini

HTC’s latest trio of handset is now available for pre-order on Amazon’s UK website right now (sim-free & unlocked). The Legend and Desire are shceduled to start shipping on April 1 and April 14th for the HD Mini. HTC’s top-of-the-line Android phone (HTC Desire) will set you back £528.68, the HTC Legend £399.9 and the finally £369.00 for the HTC HD Mini.

Source: Amazon UK (Desire, Legend, HD Mini)

HTC Desire to receive DivX playback support in future update

HTC Legend, HTC Desire, HTC HD2, HTC HD Mini

I had the chance to talk to HTC a couple of hours ago during their local HTC Legend/Desire/HD Mini presentation. There was obviously nothing new to learn (especially since I already got some hands-on action last week at the MWC). The only new piece of info I got was about the rumored DivX playback and 720P encoding capabilities of the HTC Desire (aka HTC Bravo). The answer I got was that DivX support will be added in a future update (they didn’t say much about 720P support but from the way it sounded it should be coming in the same update) because they didn’t have time to finalise the feature before launching the handset.

HTC HD2, HTC Desire, HTC HD Mini

The HTC Legend and HTC Desire are currently scheduled to launch in Spring (probably in March) and the HTC HD Mini in May. Check out my HTC Desire Review hereand don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

HTC Desire announced

HTC has also unveiled the the HTC Desire (also know as the HTC Bravo) today at MWC. The Desire is basically the European version of the Nexus One but with a slightly different physical design (it has an optical trackpad instead of the trackball) and HTC’s Sense UI slapped on top of Android 2.1. There was no word (AFAIK) on the video capabilities of the device. Does it support 720P deconding/encoding and Xvid decoding? One thing’s for sure though, the Deisre will support Flash 10.1.

One more HTC Bravo live picture

Here’s another live picture of the HTC Bravo we can cleary see that the current Sense UI is featured on the handset (not the latest Espresso version):

You can check out the first live picture here.


HTC Bravo spotted in the wild

Here’s the first live picture of the HTC Bravo (see specs here) which is the non Google branded version of the Nexus One. The Bravo supposedly has the same specs as the Nexus One (the trackball is replaced by a optical trackpad and is has physical buttons instead of capacitive). The main new features will be 720P videosupport (decoding/encoding?) and native DivX decoding. The HTC Bravo is rumored to be head to T-Mobile UK.

Source: Omio mobile phone deals via Android Community

HTC Bravo / Passion Divx support to be enabled by Nextreaming Player ?

You probably already know by now that the HTC Bravo / Passion (or Nexus One, whatever you want to call it) is rumored to natively support DivX decoding unlike any other HTC device. Well here’s my speculation; my guess is that this will probably enabled by the Nextreaming NexPlayer for Android (licensed by HTC?) which has recently (Nov 9th) passed DivX certification and now officialy supports Qualcomm’s SnapDragon Chipset:

NexPlayer™ is now successfully ported and optimized for the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ platform, including also DivX™ as required for the DivX™ certification. Nextreaming’s DivX™ 4/5/6 decoder, highly optimized for the ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor with NEON™ technology, brings the cutting-edge performances and video experience to the end users. Nextreaming supports also DivX DRM and subtitles (.srt) required for the DivX Mobile Theater Profile.

“We are pleased to announce DivX™ support at NexPlayer™ optimized for Qualcomm Snapdragon™” said Dr. Il-Taek Lim, CEO of Nextreaming. “Our media player is being used by the most important mobile device manufacturers worldwide; we are committed to providing them with the latest technology. With this announcement, we enforce our competitiveness in a popular platform such as Qualcomm Snapdragon™ and we help our customers to prepare attractive devices according to the strong trend of Mobile and Internet convergence. Moreover, the use of internal hardware accelerators in the Qualcomm chipset can make NexPlayer™ more optimized. We will keep updating NexPlayer™ with this aim continuously” he added.

NexPlayer is also the multimedia player licensed by Samsung on all their latest smartphones like the Omnia II, OmniaLite, Omnia Pro , Samsung Jet etc..

Source: Nextreaming