Will HTC enable 720P video encoding & DivX decoding on the HTC HD2?

HTC Bravo HD (Small)
As you may probably already know by now, nearly all of HTC 2010 smartphone line-up leaked yesterday. The most interesting part to me was the fact that the HTC Bravo (Passion / Dragon) has basically the same specs (it has a smaller screen and less RAM) as the HD2 but supports 720P video encoding, Dolby sound support and DivX decoding.
720P encoding is a feature natively supported by the SnapDragon chipset but will HTC enable it on Windows Mobile 6.5? We know that Qualcomm’s been working on this feature for Windows Mobile 7 (see here):
Unfortunately based on HTC’s past history I wouldn’t be surprised if they only enable it in their upcoming WM7 devices (or the hypothetical WM7 update for the HD2). The same applies to the DivX decoding feature on the HTC Bravo. Everybody’s been waiting for this for many years and HTC will surely piss off a lot of HD2 owners if a lower speced SnapDragon device gets it.