Another HTC HD2 review this time from Russia

HD2 review russia
This time in russian from Mobile-Review. It’s really in-depth and brings to light one of the flaws of the devices, its camera. Like I noticed ealier it looks like the HD2 has a crappy lens cover that blurs the pictures with a nice red tint in the center of the the images. Now I don’t know if this is only affecting review samples or if it’s also present on the retail devices. If it is really the case then HTC failed hard.

Wifi Router demo:

[flv: 500 410]

Hardware Tour:

[flv: 500 410]

There’s a whole lot of comparison pictures between the HD2‘s LCD screen and the Omnia II AMOLED display, sample pictures and videos taken with the device too.

Read the whole thing here .

Source: Mobile-Review