Acer neoTouch in-depth review

acer netouch review
GSMArena just posted their review of Acer’s SnapDragon Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone the neoTouch. As it’s usualy the case they’ve packed the review with screenshots, pictures samples. They’ve concluded that the device will prebably have a hard time against the HTC HD2 and that it’s best to wait a little bit until the price is lowered. What should be noted though is that as we have seen earlier, the neoTouch is currently the fastest Windows Phone on the market.

The Acer neoTouch left us with mixed feelings. On the plus side it comes with the much heralded high-end 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU. It also has a huge 3.8″ display and runs the latest Windows Mobile OS. And last but not least, it handles the OS very well and packs all kinds of connectivity options.

Switching to the negatives, Acer have done little to customize the OS, there is no dedicated music or video player beyond what Microsoft have to offer (and it’s not much). There’s no DivX/XviD support, the camera photo and video quality is a downer and there is no GPS satnav software on board. Acer have left Windows Mobile almost stripped to the bone, and this is inexcusable given what the likes of HTC and Samsung are doing in terms of making the interface more user-friendly. The final straw comes from the less than stellar video playback and poor choice of accessories in the retail box.

We have to admit though the neoTouch is not among the top-priced smartphones out there, so the lack of sweeties in the box and other omissions such as the GPS navigation software are not a major point against. But even for a mid-priced device we don’t think it’s too much to ask for a decent music player and some additional codec support.

Source: GSMArena