Steve Ballmer talks about Zune, Windows Mobile, Courier & Pink

Steve Ballmer Engadget
Engadget had a chance to sit down with Microsoft‘s CEO, Steve Ballmer and ask him a couple of interesting questions today during the Engadget Show. Regarding Zune integration into Windows Mobile, Steve confirmed that it will be part of the next version of the mobile OS. What’s not known is exactly which version he was referring too, WM6.5.1 or WM7? When asked about the Courier tablet prototype the CEO tried to dodge the question but finally hinted the a similar device may come out of Redmond (you’ll have to check the whole sequence in video to see what I’m talking about). Finally, Steve confirmed that their won’t be any Microsoft phone and that Procject Pink may be be a service associated with highend/premium phones (build by OEMs with input from Microsoft based on hardware chassis).

Source: Engadget

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