Nokia N900 camera and media player demoed on video

Here’s a nice video showing us the camera application on the Nokia N900 and also the the integrated mediaplayer app in action (it supports movies, music and internet radio). If only the device had a capacitive touchscreen… It’s still looks awesome thoguh.

Editing capabilities: Tapping on a photo once gives you a small icon to start the slideshow and tapping again takes you to the photo editing functions. In the editor you can rotate images, crop images, assign tags, share the image, or delete the image. Basic photo editing is nice to have and I like that the software prompts you to save the image with another file name after you make edits so you do not accidentally overwrite your original image. As you can read in the next paragraph there are more editing options available via the upper center menu options.

Options along the center top in the editor include save, save as, rename, mark as favorite, edit image, set as background image, and view and edit metadata details (including geotag data). Selecting to edit the image makes a pop-up appear that lets you flip horizontally or vertically, apply red eye removal (removes red eyes by tapping on the eyes), adjust the brightness and contrast, and resize the image. The ability to resize is essential for me when I want to blog on the go with WordPy and have an image that fits within the Nokia Experts template.

Source: Nokiaexperts