Motorola Droid teaser site and TV ad launched

Motorola Droid Teaser site
Ready for some stupid marketing campaign/hype? Verizon vs AT&T action? It started last night when Verizon launched the first TV-ad and teaser site for Motorola Droid Android smartphone. The products specs do indeed look good (the design is horrible though IMO). I runs Android 2.0 has a 5Mpix camera, TI OMAP3430 chipset etc. But don’t get sucked into all the hype guys. I see Arrigton at Techcrunch hyping the hell out of it as the biggest threat the iPhone has ever had. Yeah sure… Last time I checked Motorola’s mobile division is close to going the way of the Dodo (the Motorola CLIQ is nice but not going to save them in anyway). In my eyes this is just Verizon‘s attempt to undermine AT&T who is actually getting slapped left and right and getting some really bad PR. One thing to remember is that Verizon was a big partner of Microsoft (their were supposedly collaborating on the project Pink) and the Windows Mobile 7 delays probably left a bad taste in their mouth (just as it did too Motorola who decided to skip WM6.5 and go Android) so they decided to hook up with Moto and Google to compete with AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile (whole all already have there flagship product for this holidays season. I wonder what happened to the Live Search (now Bing) deal signed between MS and Verizon this year though…

Source: Verizon Droid Does teaser sitevia Engadget