Massive Nokia N900 Maemo 5 review

Eldar over at mobile-review just posted a massive review of Nokia’s Maemo 5 OS running on the N900. Nothing is left out, from the UI to the mapping software, the task manager, messaging application, social media integration etc.
Here’s a snipet:

Owners of the previous generations of Nokia’s Internet Tablets (Nokia N800/N810) will find the N900 familiar to a certain extent, although its interface has undergone a whole plethora of minor, yet welcome enhancements. The first thing you come across is the absence of the Back button – to dismiss pop-ups (context menus) that are brought up by clicking on the screen, all you need to do is press on any area of the screen outside the menu. Needless to say, it’s a very intuitive way of navigation, and what’s more it works across all applications, or, I should say the vast majority of them, as I managed to find one place where it didn’t.

As far as the mass market is concerned, the Nokia N900 and its Maemo5 interface is in a league of its own. Although Maemo5 does employ some icons from S60′s UI, as well as from the previous version of the OS (Hildon UI), this doesn’t mean it offers even remotely similar experience. Being merely small gears in the user interface, these icons can change from theme to theme, along with wallpapers. Speaking of which, Maemo5 offers pretty flexible tools for setting up the user interface, in fact they are not much worse than those found in S60.

The N900 has 2Gb reserved for user applications (as opposed to 90Mb in earlier firmware versions).

So if you have some free time head over here and educate yourself.

Eldar also notes that another Nokia Maemo 5 device is planned to be released in 2010 (possibly an N900 without the sliding keyboard)

Source: Mobile-Review