No Windows Mobile 7 at PDC09, Q4 2010 delay confirmed?


Here’s some bad news for those hoping to catch a glimpse of Windows Mobile 7 during this years Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in mid-November. Mary Joe Foley contacted Microsoft about it and finally got the following answer:

“As I’m sure you know, Microsoft and its partners are squarely focused on introducing the Windows phone brand through the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 in October [October 6], which includes working closely with ISVs and developers to add even greater value to the Windows Mobile platform and new business opportunities for its mobile channel ecosystem. To properly set your expectations, wanted to let you know that Microsoft is not planning any sessions for PDC that look past the Windows Mobile OS in market at that time.”

When she asked again if they are going to talk about the rumored Windows Mobile 6.5 updated (for capacitive touch screens) version (that is leaking left and right lately):

The answer came back again as no. The spokesperson reiterated that Microsoft would not be doing anything related to Windows Mobile 7 at the PDC.

To me this kinda confirms what Digitimes reported not long ago, saying that WM7 was now only going to be launched in Q4 2010. I’m still expecting some sort of announcement either during Steve Ballmer’s CES Keynote in January 2010 or at MWC in February.

Source: All About Microsoft