Pinball League for Windows Phone 7: Hands on Preview

Here’s an early preview/review of a yet-to-be release Windows Phone 7 game called Pinball League and developed by two developers in Greece:  Nikos Kastellanos and Tasos Rizopoulos who formed Tainicom. They are same guys who developed the funky Augmented Reality Accelerometer Dev Kit back when devices weren’t available. Anyway, Pinball League is actually their first Windows Phone 7 game and frankly it’s a pretty good start. The game renders everything in real-time 3D and is obviously developed in XNA . Everything runs relatively smoothly with only some occasional framerate hiccups when many sound files have to be loaded at the same time. I noticed that this was an issue with many WP7 games (Fruit Ninja for example suffers from the same thing when you do combos) so I don’t know if this is mainly an OS issue or not (the devs are working on finding a way to fix it though). Check out my the game in action after the break:

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