Windows Phone 7 TV ads: What do you think?

You’ve probably already seen them by now but a thought that after posting LG’s Ads it would be logical to also post Microsoft’s official Windows Phone 7 TV Ads. It’s refreshing to see that the guys in Redmond have out-done themselves this time around and didn’t pump-up (or actually give the green light) to a shitty ad campaign similar to last year’s Windows Mobile 6.5 spots. I just hope that other ads will see the light and show the actual product in action (similar to what Apple does). Videos after the break:

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Pocket Informant not coming to Windows Phone 7

Another one bytes the dust? Not exactly: WebIS, Inc CEO Alex Kac clarified the situation regarding a future version of Pocket Informant on Windows Phone 7:

At the moment we do not expect to support Windows Phone 7. Its simply missing too much foundational for us. It could be done, but we’d hit a dead end at version 1.00 and it would be slower than people would like due to having to write all the recurrence/calendar code in C# without a good backend to help speed things up (like on BB).

I find it interesting to note that Resco, who seems to be a similar situation, decided to rewrite all their tools in Silverlight instead of waiting for Microsoft to open up development of native third-party applications unlike WebIS. Alex Kac posted a longer explanation of the situation:

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