Get a taste of how Windows 8 Tablet applications will look like

Fandango has developed a really awesome Sliverlight out-of-browser application for Windows 7 slates/Tablets that gives us an early look at what the future Windows 8 tablet applications will look and feel. One the application is installed you will be able to pin it to your taskbar as if it was a regular app and quickly access it when look for movie tickets, trailers and, info -only in the US so if you are not in NA just enter any US location during the setup process to try it out).The Fandango touch app has a Metro like UI so any Windows Phone 7 user should feel at home when using it (it’s has essentially the same design as the WP7 Fandango application). It also feature a really slick integration of the Bing Maps control and built in media player (yes it works with the mouse to if you don’t have a touche-enabled Win7 PC).Check out some screenshots after the break

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Windows 8 UI unveiled: Windows Phone 7 Metro inspired (Video)

After months of leaks and rumors the Windows 8 UI has finally been unveiled by Microsoft’s Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky today at the D9 conference.

As you can see in the picture below the UI is heavily influenced by Windows Phone 7‘s Metro UI where Application can be pinned directly on the home screen. The Metro like UX is actually a shell running in windows this means that you will also have access to the “regular”desktop UI for legacy apps and other tasks as seen in the video after the break. Both regular and Metro UI will always be on and apparently can’t be switched of.

According to has been said Windows 8′s software ecosystem will essentially be composed of to types of applications: regular ones (C++,C# etc) that will run exactly like the ones we have right now on Windows and lightweight HTML5 / Javascript applications that will use internet Explorer’s rendering engine. Surprisingly Silverlight isn’t mentioned at all. This will surely fuel the “Silverlight is dying” talk in the days to come and makes me wonder if it will now only be relevant for Windows Phone 7.X development. Microsoft has also tweaked the touch interface to to make the regular application useable with finger touch. Video and pictures after the break:

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