HTC EVO 3D & HTC EVO View specifications partially leaked

CTIA is shaping up to be big for Sprint who is apparently scheduled to unveiled its new line up of WiMax enabled Android devices on March 22. The first one is going to be the HTC EVO 3D which seems to be the CDMA/WiMAX version of the long rumored HTC Pyramid. The EVO 3D will be powered by an MSM8660 SoC and its Adreno 220 GPU which you can see in action in my MWC video here. It will also pack 1GB of RAM, 4GB of ROM and and glasses free auto-stereoscopic 4.3 qHD 960 x 450 3D display , similar to the one found on the LG Optimus 3D which I showed you here. It will also have a 1730Mha battery, 1080P hdmi output for regular 2D content and 720P 3D output, a 5mpix camera & 1.3 Mpix front facing one.

As I said before; Windows Phone 7 doesn’t necessarily need more powerful hardware right now but when you look at the specifications above (and most other high-end Android devices to be released soon) and factor in the fact that Microsoft is being sluggish with the OS updates I personally  think that most people are not going to buy an WP7 handset in the coming months. Now if Microsoft was more reactive then things would be different but only 2 updates a year? That’s not going to cut it.

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Samsung Epic 4G user manual available for download

The hotly anticipated Samsung Epic 4G is about to hit retail in a few days (August 31th) and as it’s frequently the case the device’s user manual is already up on Samsung’s servers. You can grab it right now if you are planning to get the device next week and be familiar with the product. I just took a quick glance at the pdf and can already tell you that it doesn’t deffer much from the other Galaxy S user manuals.

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Samsung Epic 4G Review round-up

The usual suspects have posted the first round of Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G reviews today. All three of them (Engdaget, Gizmodo, and Slashgear) have found the Epic 4G to be the best Android handset currently on the market and definitely a step up from the HTC EVO 4G available on the same carrier. One has to keep in the mind that the Epic is basically just a Samsung Galaxy S with a sliding keyboard and WiMax radio so one can concluded that Samsung keyboard-less offering (the Glaxy S,  Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate) are also really top notch products. I’m currently using a Galaxy S and can confirm that Samsung has done an awesome job this time around and the 720P capturing mode is really good IMO (I’ll talk about it once I post my HTC Wildfire review really soon).

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HTC EVO 4G VS Samsung Epic 4G video

In an attempt to educate potential Samsung Epic 4G buyers, Sprint has shot a short video comparing the Epic 4G vs the HTC EVO 4G which is its most direct and natural competitor. The video basically enumerates all the features that Samsung’s phone has over the EVO 4G. You know…stuff like: a Super-AMOLED screen, better CPU and GPU, sliding Qwerty keyboard, DNLA, etc. I’m sure that HTC is delighted.. Check it out after the break:

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Samsung Epic 4G hitting Sprint on August 31 for $249.99

It was previously thought that the Samsung Epic 4G was going to launch on August 20th but today Sprint has finally announced that their HTC EVO 4G competitor is going to launch on august 31 for $249.99 with a 2-year contract. No pre-orders date has been announced yet so you’ll have to mark your calendar at 31and wait patiently. Full press release after the break:

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Samsung Epic 4G hitting Sprint on August 20th

The Samsung Epic 4G (also known as the Galaxy S Pro) is scheduled to be shown on Samsung’s Product Support TV webcast on August 20th. The previous webcasts about the Captivate and Vibrant were posted online exactlyon the launch day of the devices so there’s a reasonable chance that the Epic 4G will actually hit Sprint‘s retail store on the 20th of August if all goes well. Samsung is really pushing hard behind the Galaxy S line of smartphones as proven by the fact that nearly every mobile operator worldwide is selling it (sometimes under different names like in the US).

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Samung Epic 4G announced on Sprint: The Samsung Galaxy S Pro with WiMax

Samsung has just unleashed the most highly speced smartphone ever today with the Samsung Epic 4G. The Epic 4G is actually the rumored Samsung Galaxy S Pro we saw last week in a leaked picture and it turns out that it is actually real and will launch on Sprint in the near future. No date or price have been announced yet. On the hardware front the Epic 4G is pretty similar to the Galaxy S with its 4″ Super AMOLED display, the same S5PC110A01 (Hummingbird) chipset clocked at 1ghz, the same 5 MPix camera capable of 720P recording but this time with a LED Flash (the other Galaxy S models don’t have one), a 6-axis accelerometer, but this time the handset sports a sliding qwerty keyboard, front facing VGA camera and WiMax cellular radio and a 1500Mha battery. Similar to its Galaxy S cousins; the Epic 4G still lacks an HDMI output (but features DNAL support) which is IMO a real shame. The Samsung Epic 4G will initially ship with Android 2.1 but Sprint has already announced that an Android 2.2 update will be made available soon after. Read the full Press Release after the break:

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HTC EVO 4G vs HTC HD2 video comparison

The boys at WireFly have just posted a video comparison of HTC’s two top-of-the-line smartphones: the HTC EVO 4G vs HTC HD2. Frankly at this point in time there’s no comparison if you are currently out of contract (and in an area covered by Sprint): the HTC EVO 4G is the way to go. It has a better camera and a better OS. Unfortunately the non-upgradeability of the HD2 makes a a hard choice especially with all the rumored Windows Phone 7 devices coming this fall. Watch the 14Mins long video after the break:

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Qik announces Premium services for HTC EVO 4G

As promised last week Qik is announcing today new premium services associated with HTC EVO 4G handsets. For £’.99/month EVO 4G owners will have access to higher than 640×480 video chat, the ability to snap photos while recording videos, automatic downloads to the PCs, video mail etc… All those services will be available for free until July 15. If you don’t have an HTC EVO 4G you can still download the new version of Qik on the android Market but you won’t have access to any video chat feature. Check out the full comparison table and video after the break:
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HTC EVO 4G User Manual available

If you can’t wait until tomorrow here’s your chance to grab the HTC EVO 4G User Manual that is now available on Sprint’s website. Both the Getting Started Guide and User Guide are currently up on Sprint‘s support servers:

User Guide (EN) : PDF

Getting Started [EN): PDF

Getting Started Spanish: PDF

First HTC EVO 4G TV Ad

Here’s the first HTC EVO 4G TV Ad that Sprint is going to air today for the launch on the device. Nothing really amazing there and lots of first first first. Should have been”First in the US” instead because HTC has already released a WiMAX smartphone nearly 2 years ago in Russia, the HTC MAX 4G. Check Out the video after the break:

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HTC EVO 4G disassembled

iFixit just posted a full teardown gallery of the HTC EVO 4G. Nothing really out of the ordinary was found in there. You will get a chance to see how the beast looks like on the inside and patiently wait for the officially released on June 4th.

Source: iFixit

Qik on the HTC EVO 4G will be mostly free, subscription fee for premium services

Qik has issued an official statement today about the rumored £5 fee that HTC EVO 4G were supposedly required to pay to use the the software. It turns out that the basic services, like video chatting, will be free to use but the still unnanounced premium features will require a subscription fee. Here’s the official statement:

Well, there’re a number of rumors flying around that the 2-way Qik mobile video service will require a premium subscription. We wanted to clarify what that really means. Firstly, rest assured that the core Qik service that lets you communicate live from your phone to other phones, web and desktop will be FREE. Yes – this means that the core capability of doing 2-way Qik video chat will be FREE for Sprint EVO 4G users. The subscription fee will be for some advanced premium features that we are working on, which we will be announcing on June 4th – the day the amazing HTC EVO 4G phone launches.

So, tune back in on June 4th for a complete list of features of the new Qik along with the optional advanced premium features for you to enjoy!

Source: Qik

QIK on the HTC EVO 4G to cost $5 per month ?

Nothing is confirmed yet but according to AndroidGuy‘s source at Sprint the QIK video chat service will cost you $5 per month on top of the monthly bill and $10 premium that HTC EVO 4G users will have to pay to use the WIMAX network. Sounds a bit expensive for such a service no? Let’s wait for an official announced which should come in the coming days (the EVO 4G is launching on June 4th)

Source: AndroidGuys

Video of HTC EVO 4G vs HTC HD2 and Nexus One

Here’s video shot by Pocketnow last night in NYC during the HTC EVO 4G launch event. You’ll see the EVO 4G compared to the Windows Mobile powered HTC HD2 and the Google Nexus One (running the HTC Desire Rom). The first thing you will notice is that there doesn’t seem to be a whole of difference between the HD2 and EVO 4G and unfortunately we won’t be able to check out the camera’s 720P capabilities before the first reviews show up later this month. The second thing is the contrast of the AMOLED screen of the Nexus One compared the two other handsets. One thing to keep in mind is that all three devices have exactly the same internals (same SnapDragon Chipset, Ram,etc) so the overall performance should be nearly identical. Check out the full video below:

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HTC EVO 4G hands-on videos: It’s fast!

The boys at Engadget just posted a couple of videos of the HTC EVO 4G in actions and the conclusion is that this thing is blazing fast. The most impressive video is IMO the one comparing YouTube video playback on the EVO 4G which can stream in HQ (no word on the resolution of the video though) versus the iPhone 3GS and then hooking up the EVO to an HD TV via the HDMI connector. I must admit that this isn’t the fairest image quality comparison given that the iPhone automatically selects the lowest quality video source when streaming in 3G (and higher quality in WiFi) but just having the ability to hook up the EVO 4G to the TV while  streaming the video is pretty awesome. Now all this nice stuff is obviously the result of the WiMax connection and not some kind of awesome new CPU power (it has exactly the same internals as the HTC HD2 and Nexus One/Desire/Incredible) but that HDMI connector makes me jealous…Oh BTW HTC, where’s that DivX / 720P encoding update for the Desire you promised a little while ago? Check out the videos:

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HTC EVO 4G launching June 4 for $199

Sprint has officially announced the price and launch date of the HTC EVO 4G in NYC a few minutes ago. The EVO 4G will launch on June 4 and will be priced at $199 if you sign in for a 2 years contract. The downside though is that you will have to pay a $10 mandatory fee per month for the privilege of using the WiMax network (wtf?) and and $29.99 a month for the WiFI Hotspot tethering feature (again wtf!? this thing is FREE on all other HTC devices like the Desire, HD2, HD Mini, Legend etc…). Thankfully Sprint is allowing simultaneous voice and Data to work on the device. Check out the full press release after the break:

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HTC EVO 4G vs other 3G handsets video


Sprint has just posted a short promo video of the HTC EVO 4G compared to other 3G devices like the iPhone, Motorola Droid and even iPad (using the EVO 3G as a WiFi hotspot). Keep in mind that this is promo/pr stuff thought…

Source: YouTube

The HTC EVO 4G passes the FCC

According to documents posted by Engadget the much anticipated HTC EVO 4G has justed passed the FCC testings. If the lastest rumors turn out to be true the HTC EVO 4G will proably hit the shelves in mid-june. I guess that Sprint will start promoting it and nnounce the official launch date in the coming weeks.

Source: Engadget