Microsoft paying iPhone developers to port their applications to Windows Phone 7?

One more Windows Phone 7 rumor for the day. is claiming that an iPhone developer has been offered money to port his application to Windows Phone 7. However the anonymous developer supposedly declined the offer because the cost of porting his C++ code to C#/silverlight or XNA was too high. Take all this with a grain of salt though. First off you must remember that a similar rumor was started (by John Gruber?) around the launch of the Zune HD, rumor that was never confirmed especially given that the Zune HD doesn’t have (and will never have) a third-party application marketplace. Secondly iPhone applications aren’t code entirely in C++ (you need an to use Object-C to have any kind of GUI) so the claim that it is to costly to port it to Silverlight/XNA is shady at best. And why would Microsoft offer money for an application port knowing that this application would need native access to the OS? The Twin Blades game that I hand the chance to play on the Windows Phone 7 prototype last month was originaly an iPhone game, was then released on Xbox Live Arcade and then ported to Windows Phone 7 in two weeks by one programmer (Press Start Studio = only 5 guys) and has also now been released on Samsung Bada phones. Now I’m not trying to say that Microsoft isn’t working in collaboration with developers to crank out a boatload of WP7 apps for the launch but Microsoft has enough experience in the software and games industry to do things in the right way and not just “throw loads of money at iPhone developpers”.

Source: via WMPU

Windows Phone 7 Gaming Hands-on video: Twin Blades

Fresh from the ReMIX event comes this new video that I shot a couple of hours ago. It’s on the same Windows Phone 7 Samsung prototype handset that you saw in the previous video but this time you get to see one of the first game developed for the platform: Twin Blades developed by Press Start Studio. Some of you might have already heard about it because it’s already available on the iPhone and XBOX Live Arcade. The port to Windows Phone 7 was done in Two weeks by only one programmer (90% of the code is identical to the XBOX version thanks to XNA). The game will also include XBOX Live integration with achievements and will be available this fall when WP7 launches. Check out the full video after the break:

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Twin Blades iPhone and Xbox Live Arcade game will be ported to Windows Phone 7

iPhone version

Twin Blades is currently available as an Xbox Live arcade game and on the iPhone, coming this fall the zombie beat-em-up game will also be present on the Windows Phone 7 according to the developers. I don’t want to be a party pooper but.. there’s one important thing to note: all the media (screeshots/videos) seen on the web is from the iPhone or XBL versions (yeah even the one with the added WP7 logo at the end..). Presse-start-studio has just “announced” that the game is coming to Windows Phone 7 nothing more. UPDATE: Check out my hands-on video with the game!
Here’s the orignal video (iPhone & XBL trailer):