NVIDIA Tegra Zone Android Market section officially launched

People familiar with the PC Graphics industry know that one of NVIDIA‘s biggest strength is its developer relation and evangelism publicly know as The Way it’s Meant To BE Played program. With the arrival of the first Tegra 2 powered Android devices NVIDIA has officially launched its Tegra Zone section in the Android Marketplace which is only accessible to devices powered by the company’s chipsets. It contains graphically upgraded version of current big hits like Fruit Ninja and other exclusive that are supposed to showcase the power of the GPU inside the Tegra2 SoC. Keep in mind that most of these games could technically run on other competing products (like the SGX540) but this is unfortunately way things are done in the industry. Companies have to differentiate theirs products one way or another so you get even more fragmentation in the ecosystem as a result. But there’s no denying that NVIDIA’s hardware offering is one of the best right now and from what I saw at MWC they are really pushing hard to get a foothold in the mobile market. Full press release after the break and video of the Trega 2 in action:

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