The HTC HD2 might be headed to T-Mobile US next year

HD2 Tmo
Good news for you T-Mobile users in the US, information found in a upcoming ROM suggests that HTC HD2 the might be headed to the carrier early next year. What’s also interesting is that the ROM version is a big jump from the current official 1.48 version (the latest leaked is 1.61):

* Leo ROM 2.01
* WM6.5 build 21869
* Opera
* OzIM_US_1.
* Teeter 2.0
* TMOUS_Manila_Core 2.5.1921401

Source: WMExperts

HTC HD2 Review: The best smartphone ever?


For many years Windows Mobile users have been disappointed every time a new handset was announced because this or that feature was missing. Not long ago it was screen resolutions, people wanted VGA screens, before that it was Wi-Fi or GPS, 3D acceleration or camera flashes etc. This year HTC finally announced what everybody’s been wishing and waiting for. A Windows Mobile smartphone that has every single feature imaginable (besides a hardware keyboard), the HTC HD2. Will this device be enough for the power user? Is it too late to “save” WM6.5 ?

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HTC HD2 SD Card patch / update

HTC Support
HTC just posted a new update for the HD2 today. This time related to the microSD Card support. Unfortunately I don’t really know what the heck they are talking about given that there is no change log:

This update for HTC HD2 further extends support of the SD Storage Capability. Taking pictures with your 5 Megapixel lens and dual LED flash can only truly be appreciated at the maximum quality, and now with this update, you will be able to appreciate how much more you can store in your 8GB or more SD Card.

Note: This update is only applicable to Camera versions equal to Version 6.26 (Build 1921.1625), or lower. You can check the Camera Version under HOME > Start Menu > Camera> Settings > Advanced > Page 5> About> Version information.

Grab it here

Source: HTC

HTC HD2 SMS Bug fix released

HTC Support
HTC has just released a hotfix for the SMS bug that many people encounter when sending a message on the HTC HD2(the sms gets stuck in the outbox). This update is only applicable to ROM version is equal to 1.49.XXX.X, or lower. I’m currently running the 1.61 that supposedly already have this hotfix and still have the SMS issue…

Update for HTC HD2 – SMS Function Update
This update for HTC HD2 messaging lets you reach out to your friends and family with instant notifications. Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this update delivers just that: fast and reliable SMS messaging.

Download it here

Source: HTC

New HTC HD2 Rom leaked (1.61)

HD2 161rom
You may have noticed that HTC said that the camera hotfix was only meant to be applied to device running a ROM lower than 1.60. Welml it loks like the first 1.6X ROM has just been leaked. So far it looks like the maine new feature is the update Radio (which hopefully fixes some issues user are having with poor HSDPA perfomance in some countries).

Head over here for some more info

New HTC HD2 Rom released

HTC Support
The HTC HD2 1.48 ROM we’ve seen floating around a couple of days ago is now officially availalble on HTC‘s support site. Unfortunitely not much is known about itother than the three bullet points posted below (htc, can we have a detailed change log please?). There’s already a 1.60 ROM in the works tought as we have seen noted in the camera Hotfix description a few minutes ago.

Improved Functions:

1.Flipping back and forth between songs is easier than ever. Whether you are listening to a defined playlist, or letting your phone shuffle your songs for you, your music will play continuously and fluidly.

2.Taking full advantage of the G-Sensor, Opera can switch seamlessly from portrait to landscape mode to allow more flexibility and allow for you to browse your websites however you want.

3.Staying connected to your loved ones is as important to you as it is to us, and we’ve enhanced our voice quality even more in this update. Now updated, we’re delivering crystal clear sound quality, making it even easier to feel close to your loved ones, even when you are on the move.

You can download the ROM here. Backup your device before doing anything.

Source: HTC

HTC HD2 Camera HOTFIX released

That’s right folks HTC has finally released the much needed Camera HOTFIX for the HTC HD2. The thumbnails bug has also been fixed. I’ve posted some before & after shots.

This update for HTC HD2 delivers clear digital picture quality like never before. Living up to the name of “HD” this phone and its twin LED flash will take beautiful pictures for you to cherish your memories. Displayed in brilliant vibrant colors on its 4.3 inch screen, HTC HD2 camera will delight you.

Installation Instructions:

Note: This update is only applicable to ROM version is equal to 1.60.XXX.X, or lower.

Follow the instructions below to download and install the update on your device:

Make sure you have Microsoft ActiveSync® installed on your Windows XP PC or Windows Mobile Device Center on your Windows Vista® PC. You can find Microsoft ActiveSync from this link or Windows Mobile Device Center from this link.
Connect and synchronize your device with your PC via Microsoft ActiveSync® or Windows Mobile Device Center using the USB cable.
To download this update select the update below and the location closest to you then click Download.
Copy the update, which is an .exe file, to your device. To install the update, tap the .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.
Note: If you perform a device hard reset, you will need to reinstall the update after the hard reset.

Grab it here

UPDATE: Unfortunately the HOTFIX doesn’t “fix” the issue when capturing videos with the device, only the pictures…Come on HTC, you can do better than this!

The HTC HD2 is finally here

IMG_8097 (Small)

I finally managed to get my hands on an HTC HD2, so if you have any questions or suggestion for my upcoming review (which should be up next week), don’t hesitate to hit me up on twitter or post in the comments. The review is going to be really detailed so give me a few days before I finsh it. My first impression so far is that the device is blazing fast! Lots of good stuff in there and some bad points too (Opera Mobile still isn’t as good as Safari Mobile, HTML email rendering still sucks..)

New HTC HD2 ROM (1.48) leaked

HD2 offi
As it’s usually the case HTCPedia manged to get their hands on a new official ROM from HTC. this time it’s for the HTC HD2 and should be available soon on HTC’s support site. The new 1.48 ROM fixes a few bugs (like the calendar bug) and updates the Manilla2D (Sense UI) from ver. 1920 to 1921 and WM6.5 from build 21864 to 21869. IT’s not know yet if this new ROM the camera issue (some user are reporting that iti is fixed others that it is not…). You can grab it here. The Danish version is already avaialbe on HTC’s support site here.


Source: HTCPedia

HTC HD2 vs iPhone 3GS

HD2 vs iPhone
PhoneArena published a comparison between the HTC HD2 and iPhone 3GS. They’ve comared the main features of each phones, starting by the UI, then multimedia, camera etc.. Can’t say I agrre with all of them (especially the camera which I think is better on the iPhone 3GS (let’s wait for the HD2 Hotfix..) . It’s a good read though, so hit the source link and check it out.

Source: PhoneArena

Thanksgiving HTC HD2 review round-up

Slow news day folks, so here’s two HTC HD2 reviews for you. The first one is from Engadget, as you may expect it the conclusion was fairly predictable…The phone disappoints because of Windows Mobile etc. Thankfully Josh’s review is 10X better than Gizmodo’s though:

Read the whole thing here

The second review is from Zdnet’s Matt Miller here:

The HTC HD2 is obviously the best Windows Mobile device ever created and sets the bar for future Windows Mobile devices. That said, it is still not perfect since it runs an operating system that needs to be upgraded in several areas (settings, stability, and media). To be appealing to the mass market, there needs to be better ways to get media content onto the device and that is one major reason the iPhone is so popular. Apple can look at what HTC has done with the HD2 and you can imagine they will come out with an iPhone with a much higher resolution display and better camera in 2010. If you like to use Windows Mobile devices then I am pretty sure you will love the HD2. You can find the HD2 now from US importers for about $800, but remember this model does not support 3G in the US. It will be interesting to see which carrier picks it up and what the price will be in 2010. It is a fantastic piece of hardware and I appreciate HTC giving these out to Mobius 2009 attendees last week.

So he is basically telling us that transfering media via iTunes (which also means re-encoding all your videos that arent .mp4, compressing all your photos etc..) is better than draging & droping on the HTC HD2 (and any other WinMo device) ? Can’t say I aggree with this. FYI my HD2 should arrive in the coming days, expect a review next week.

Lisa from MobileTechReview has also posted a 12minutes long hands on video:

Happy Thanksgiving

The HTC HD2 is finally out on T-Mobile UK

HD2 tmobile free
It was already known that T-Mobile UK started selling the HTC HD2 in their retail stores a few days ago, but you can now finally order it online on their website. The device is free on a 2-year contract (£35/month) and £195.73 on a 18 months contract (£15/month). Check it out here.

Source: T-Mobile UK via WMPU

HTC HD2 now available on O2 UK and T-Mobile UK

It looks like UK WinMo fans can get their HD2‘s on 3 different carriers now that O2 has officially launched HTC‘s latest Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone:

O2 is pleased to announce that the HTC HD2 will be on sale in-store today, bringing the eagerly awaited handset to the home of smartphones. Available from free on O2 Pay Monthly, the HD2 packs in a massive 4.3-inch touch screen, fast processor and camera with LED flash into a package just 11mm thick and weighing in at 157 grams.

“The HTC HD2 is the first HTC branded phone to be sold on O2. We love the large screen and combination of Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC Sense,” said Steve Alder, General Manager Devices for O2 in the UK. “We are proud to be the home of smartphones and the HTC HD2 adds a new dimension to the range of devices we offer to our customers.”

Jon French, Executive Director UK & IE, HTC, said, “The close partnership between HTC and Microsoft means we are able to bring HTC Sense, a customer experience which makes the phone work in a more simple, natural and personal way, to a Windows phone for the first time with the HD2. With one of the largest screens in the market, the powerful and ultra-thin HD2 offers users an amazing mobile experience.”

The HTC HD2 is powered by a 1Ghz processor and has built in Wi-Fi, GPS, and FM radio. It has YouTube, Facebook and Twitter integration and a MicroSD card slot for expandable memory, as well as a standard 3.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth and microUSB charging port.

The HTC HD2 will be available in-store and over the phone. To find your nearest O2 retail store, visit

It’s also reported that T-Mobile has started selling the HD2 in its retail stores (nothing on the webiste yet though)

Source: CoolSmartPhone

Update on HTC HD2 Camera Issue: Software related


Well it now looks like HTC‘s support is making a u-turn and is claiming that the HD2 camera issue is software related and that a HOTFIX is currently in the works. We will have to wait a see. Hopefully this time it is true and all HD2 will be fixed soon.

Hi Mike,

We can confirm that this issue has been determined as a software issue.
The developers are working on a hotfix to resolve, and it will be released as soon as possible.
There is not a specific date for the release as yet, please continue to monitor the support pages for the release.

Best Regards


Source: XDA-devs

One more HTC HD2 review

This time it’s PhoneArena‘s turn, here comes their full review. One thing I always wondered..are PhoneArena and GSMArena the same site? Their review are done exactly the same way, from the screentshots to the way they are laid out, etc..Anyway, back on topic., they found out that the camera wasn’t the great, which isn’t really surprising you know…and that the call quality wasn’t that good. Now that’s a new one, because so far they are the only one to report this. I guess that it may have to do with their local carriers because nobody has complained about the phone’s call quality so far As far as I know. Any HD2 owner had this kind of problem? Don’t hesitate to post in the comments below.

We made quite a few calls with the HTC HD2 and our conclusion is its performance is average. Sound is passable in terms of loudness, although there´s room for improvement. We could hear constant static, quality was a far cry from being the best we´d evidenced and voices were slightly muffled. Our callers said we sounded a bit louder and sharper, but more intelligible. It´s a good thing the HD2 manages to isolate environmental noises, meaning the only thing your callers hear is your voice. On the overall, there is nothing to write home about in this respect.
Ultimately, we say “yes” to the HTC HD2. This is a great handset that offers a lot with any respect. What´s more, considering the presence of the Sense interface, the HD2 escapes the fate of being qualified as just “another high-tech toy”, because it comes with functions in the forefront of today´s social networking, something that will certainly appeal to a good part of the now numerous people using various social networking services.

Source: PhoneArena

Update on the HTC HD2 camera situation

I’ve been looking at all the ongoing threads around the world discussing this problem and so far it seems like every HD2 ever produced suffer from this pink/purple hue. It ranges from review samples used by blogs/websites to devices bought unlocked or on all carriers like Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange in France, UK, Poland, Sweden etc… It’s still not 100% clear yet if this is fixable by a software update. Nokia had some severe camera problems with the original N95 when it shipped and finally managed to fix the problem with a firmware update a few weeks later. It the case of the HD2, lowering the color saturation in the camera’s settings helps to somewhat “fix” the problem (but it makes the picture less vibrant). What I find amazing it that bloggers who had the review units didn’t seem to say anything (or alert HTC?) even-though the issue was quite apparent. I first talked about this on November 7th here and I guess that if all reviewers had contacted HTC when they got their review samples the device could have been delayed a few weeks and all this mess wouldn’t have happened (maybe they did?). So let’s just hope that the problem is fixable by a software update because I don’t see how every HTC HD2 owner is going to send back their unit to the retailer or carrier for a replacement, it’s going to be a logistical & PR mess.

The only hope in sight is a post by XDA-Devs user Nara-e-Mastana who bought his device in Pakistan on Nov 20th. What’s interesting is that his HD2 came with newer ROM 1.43.488.1 (70124) WWE WM6.5 (Stock) and the picture he posted doesn’t seem to exhibit the problem. But don’t get your hopes up yet,we will have to wait for other samples from his device and the build number.
IMAG0009 (Small)

Update: Thanks to WWE in the comments, the 488 isn’t a new firmware, but the country code.

Source: XDA-Devs

Confirmed: HTC HD2 camera suffers from hardware defect (Updated)

Well, here’s some bad news for all HTC HD2 owners and those who want buy one. As I’ve reported several times here, ever since the first HD2 reviews started to appear I noticed that all pictures taken with the device exhibited a Pink/Purple hue. Several users have contacted HTC‘s support and got following answer:

Dear valued HTC customer, Thank you for your enquiry about your handset. This is a hardware issue and you can contact your re-seller to exchange the device for another one or contact us and we will send this device to be repair. If these steps have not helped, please let me know by responding using the link provided and I will be happy to check again for you.


Hi Mike,

Thats not a software problem, our apologies. I can now confirm we have established this being a hardware fault.
Unfortunately at this stage it is too early to determine exactly where the fault lays but it most certainly is not a software related issue.
If you can ask CLove to swap it, please do so, if not we will come and collect it for repair.

You can arrange this by calling 08458900079.

Best Regards


Maybe HTC should issue a global recall, because so far every HD2 that’s been sold seems to suffer from this (according to all the users reports)

UPDATE: Posted an update on the situation here

UPDATE 2 : A software HOTFIX is being developed by HTC !

UPDATE 3: The HOTFIX is now available here

Source: XDA-Devs

Official HTC HD2 video overview

HTC has posted a 7 minutes long video overview of the HTC HD2:

Nothing really new, but nice to see HTC promoting the HD2 though.

Source: YouTube

12 pages long HTC HD2 review

gsmarena_001 HD2
GSMArena just posted the final review of the retail HTC HD2. As it’s usualy the case their review is full of picture samples screenshots etc..
Here’s their conclusion:

HTC HD2 has it all to be a winner – groundbreaking hardware, inventive software, high performance and solid design. HTC have struck the right balance with the HD2 and they are certainly giving the competition a run for their money.

Thanks to the capacitive screen the HTC Sense delivers almost unsurpassed Windows Mobile experience complete with multi-touch gestures. It seems the Snapdragon platform is what the now aged Windows Mobile platform was meant to run on. If only we had that kind of hardware and software a couple of years ago, nobody would have even considered the iPhone seriously.

But we didn’t and we don’t suppose Snapdragons are going to become mainstream any time soon. So from a broader perspective, Windows Mobile is still just another runner-up in the run for the ultimate all-touch smartphone. The impressive user-experience on the HD2 is hardly indicative for the OS by itself.

So if you get our drift, it’s not Microsoft, but HTC that deserves the user experience award for the HTC HD2. Their Sense UI and TouchFLO 3D have blended exquisitely well delivering an unmatched social networking integration (save perhaps for the HTC Hero) and touch experience easily equaling that of the iPhone.

But even though it’s such a powerful package, the HD2 has it flaws too. The camera is below par, video recording is kinda poor, the limited internal storage is a real bugger and the its sheer size does push the limits of user comfort. That last thing will perhaps be a deal breaker for many users.

What is more, the HD2, just like its predecessor, does not justify its HD moniker. It doesn’t capture HD videos (but we knew that beforehand) and worse yet, it cannot even play any right. Samsung Omnia HD does these things with a substantially lower clocked CPU, so we guess Snapdragon doesn’t equal HD automatically either.

But still Snapdragons are still quite rare on the phone market and until more of those appear next year, the Toshiba TG01 and the Acer neoTouch will always remain two opponents the HD2 should consider. Both of them feature less UI customizations, resistive touchscreens and less RAM. But what works in their favor is they both are nearly 200 euro cheaper than the HD2 with its 550 euro price tag. That alone makes them worth checking out. But as we said, HTC have done a tremendous job of making Windows Mobile more usable and the added value of their product is well worth the extra bucks.

Looks like the boys at GSMArena didn’t get the memo about CorePlayer not supporting hardware acceleration on HTC devices (only Overlay support). They should have tried to play a wmv-hd trailer in the default HTC Album or WMP (they support HW accell for MP4 & WMV files) to see if it plays smoothly.
The camera does look bad though. As we have seen earlier the purple-tint/spot is still present. Major fail on HTC’s part here IMO.

Source: GSMAerna via WMPoweruser