New HTC HD2 Sense UI features: Documents tab & new music library

Included in the T-Mobile US HTC HD2 rom I posted yesterday is a new version of the HTC’s Sense UI for the HD2. This newer versions now includes a documents tabs that has direct access to your My Documents folder and lets you browse through you PDF’s Office docs without having to access the File Explorer. The second improvement is in the music library; browsing through your music is now faster thanks to a new drop down menu that appears when you tap on an artist’s name for example.

Source: XDA

HTC HD2 2.01 T-Mobile US ROM leaked

The T-Mobile ROM we talked about last night is now availalble on the internet. Beware thoguht; it’s a test only ROM for T-Mobile US and has radio issues in Europe, most othe the OS/Drivers etc are older than the 1.61 ROM even thought some HTC apps are newer (keyboard, Album, Teeter, etc). I wouldn’t recommend flashing your HTC HD2 with it right now.

Grab it here Password: PDAVIET

The HTC HD2 might be headed to T-Mobile US next year

HD2 Tmo
Good news for you T-Mobile users in the US, information found in a upcoming ROM suggests that HTC HD2 the might be headed to the carrier early next year. What’s also interesting is that the ROM version is a big jump from the current official 1.48 version (the latest leaked is 1.61):

* Leo ROM 2.01
* WM6.5 build 21869
* Opera
* OzIM_US_1.
* Teeter 2.0
* TMOUS_Manila_Core 2.5.1921401

Source: WMExperts