HTC patents magnetic stylus for use on capacitive screens

Looks like HTC is hard at work lately. They just filed a patent for what looks like a magnetic stylus which should be able to interact with a capacitive touch panel. It’s kind of ironic givin’ that Microsoft is doing their best to make Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7 stylus-free. HTC found a solution to the problem by adding a magnetic head to a conductive stylus this enables the stylus the¬†affect the current on the capacitive panel. Here’s the abstract :

An electronic device including a device body and a stylus is provided. The device body has a capacitive touch panel. The stylus has a handle and a head. The head is magnetic. The capacitive touch panel is controlled by the stylus through magnetism of the head.
To sum up, the head of the stylus of the present application is magnetic. Therefore, when a relative speed exists between the head and the capacitive touch panel, an inducting current is generated on the capacitive touch panel. Then, the capacitive touch panel calculates a position where the inducting current is generated according to the inducting current. Thus, the stylus can control the capacitive touch panel.

HTC stylus

It’s still remains to be seen if this actualy really works..

Head over here to read the whole thing.

Source: WMPoweruser