Qualcomm to power future Nokia Windows Phones

Here’s a new report somewhat validating what I have written a few days ago when ST-Ericsson announced its partnership with Nokia for future Windows Phones; Qualcomm’s European President has recently stated that his company was closely working on Nokia’s roadmap and that the Nokia Lumia handsets that where recently unveiled are just the beginning of the collaboration between both companies.

“We are working on a roadmap [with Nokia] and not a single device, a single launch. It’s an important collaboration for Qualcomm, so we are very excited about working together. It’s been very effective in terms of time to market because we developed the phone together. It’s been a very successful development.”[...]“The Nokia collaboration is also very much about the Windows Phone ecosystem and, of course, we at Qualcomm, as you know, are supporting on our platform the Windows Phone software and actually at the moment we are the only supplier supporting the integrated solution.”

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Nokia selects ST-Ericsson NovaThor SoC for future low end Windows Phones ?

Looks like ST-Ercisson’s dream has finally been realized. According to a rather short and cryptic press release Nokia has selected unnamed ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor SoCs for future low end devices and / or devices aimed at certain countries like China which don’t use the same base-bands (TD-SCDMA) as the rest of the world (remember HTC uses Qualcomm SoCs in 95% of its devices and Texas Instrument SoCs only for its Chinese TD-SCDMA products). Still looks like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon will be found in the vast majority high-mid-end devices though (I sure hopes so given that the GPU in some NovaThor SoCs doesn’t have the same featureset as the Adreno GPUs..fragmentation be damned..I guess..meh).

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ST-Ericsson still hoping to be invited to the Windows Phone party

Desperate much ? Well this is understandable when you start losing your number one client (Nokia in this case). Back in February ST-Ericsson quickly claimed that its SoCs were going to support  Windows Phone 7 and the Qualcomm’s exclusivity won’t last long and I pointed out at the time that this was simply PR damage control and wishful thinking on the company’s part. ST-Ericsson later changed its tune in May and claimed that it will finally only supply SoC for Nokia’s Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, the report and quotes where so misleading Nokia had to issue a press release on the same day to set the record straight: Qualcomm was still the only SoC Manufacturer for Windows Phone and that STE was simply in talks with Nokia for it’s future handsets.

Today’s the third time that the company has decided to talk about this subjects and fortunately they seem to be more grounded in reality:

In software, ST-Ericsson is playing catch up with the shift by Nokia. It does not expect to support Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 handsets, but it has put a team in place to support Windows Phone 8 on its chips.

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Nokia to use ST-Ericsson U8500 SoC for its Windows Phone 8 devices ? [UPDATED]

Ready for some totally weird news? ST-Ericsson’s CEO is now claiming that Nokia will use the company’s U8500 SoC in some of its upcoming Windows Phone devices. But contrary to what you may think he is not talking about Windows Phone 7 but about Windows Phone 8 which is probably still 1 year away. As you already know Qualcomm is the only certified SoC manufacturer for Windows Phone 7 and this was confirmed again with the updated chassis specification unveiled last month. The fact that ST-Ericsson’s CEO is now claiming that Windows Phone 8, which has yet to be announced and probably isn’t finalized in terms of required hardware specifications, will run on this particular SoC is rather strange.

The rest of the claims are for the most part factually wrong:

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Qualcomm is still hoping to be the only Windows Phone 7 certified SoC partner

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom conference Thursday Qualcomm said that it’s hoping to be the sole provider of chipsets for the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset confirming what I was telling you a few days ago after I came back from Mobile World Congress. Everybody quickly assumed that ST-Ericsson was going to provide the SoCs to power the Finnish upcoming handsets after its CEO claimed that they were working on WP7 support after the Microsoft partnership was announced. Here’s what Qualcomm CFO Bill Keitel said:

We stepped out some time ago with a major investment in high level operating system and porting to Microsoft was one of those. So we’re the first to port the Win Mobile 7 and I think we’re the only chip set provider yet today. That was a good year effort of hard work for us to get to that point. So you know, we’re hoping Nokia and Microsoft will go fast here and we’re ready to support them.

After the Nokia Qualcomm battles ended a few years ago, the relationship really started improving and we started building a workforce right next door to Nokia’s major facilities in the Scandinavia area. We got a little disillusioned with Symbian and so we pulled back a little bit but we were still focused on MeeGo. But then one of the keys of our chipset business is the support we bring to help people launch devices and a lot of times we have people right next door.

After the Microsoft-Nokia deal was announced Keitel said “there were a few smiles in the hallways of Qualcomm that day.” I guessed so on the same day in of my tweets.

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ST-Ericsson hopes to be part of Windows Phone 7′s future

ST-Ericsson has apparently told Reuters that they are currently focusing on getting their SoCs compatible with Windows Phone 7now that Nokia has announced its partnership with Microsoft. This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you have been following me here as I have speculating and predicting this 8 days ago (I clearly mentioned ST-Ericsson the comments). Here are the exact quotes from the source:

“Adding support to new hardware … is absolutely part of our strategy,” Greg Sullivan, a senior product manager at Microsoft,

As you can clearly see Greg only talks about new hardware not new suppliers (the sentence isn’t even complete..thanks Reuters for the selective quoting..) and this can make a big difference in the current context.

STMicroelectronics and Ericsson, told Reuters it was focusing strongly on Microsoft’s platform to deliver chips and will be ready when Nokia ramps up production of new Windows phones.

“Now everything has changed. The environment is different,” ST-Ericsson Chief Executive Gilles Delfassy said in an interview, adding he does not see Qualcomm’s exclusive deal prevailing.

Here’s my translation: We, ST-Ericsson, hope to be chosen by Microsoft as the SoC of choice for Nokia’s upcoming mid-range Windows Phone devices so we are working hard to prove that we are worth it.

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